HTC Prime and HTC Ignite leak online


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Pictures of the HTC Prime and the HTC Ignite have leaked online.

As is always the way with leaks, we advise you to get your mandatory handful of salt at the ready, before we delve in.

The HTC Ignite, which looks a lot like the original HTC Desire, is a pure touchscreen handset and looks to have HTC’s trademark aluminium unibody.

The HTC Prime, which features a full-on slide out Qwerty keyboard, looks like a step up from the HTC 7 Pro – a device we’ve just got in the office.

The leaked images come via Chinese site which also claims the Ignite comes with an 800MHz processor and resistive screen – something that doesn’t sound quite right to us. Everybody, including HTC, knows resistive screens are rubbish.

Specs for the HTC Prime are, once again, remarkably unimpressive – a 3.7-inch WVGA display, 512MB of RAM and a 5-megapixel camera.

Are these HTC’s new batch of Windows Phone 7 handsets? We’re not sure, but if we’re honest, we kind of hope not – they’re about as exciting as Tesco’s Value table wine.


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