Hawk Tuah, the meme, the legend, the girl that – for the briefest of moments – generated more Google searches than President Joe Biden…

In a surprising twist that left political analysts and pop culture enthusiasts scratching their heads, Hailey Welch, better known as the “Hawk Tuah Girl,” soared past Joe Biden in Google search interest for a brief but glorious period last month. Yes, you read that right—Hailey Welch, the viral sensation from Nashville, Tennessee, outpaced the President of the United States in the popularity contest that is the internet.

And during the run up to the 2024 US Presidential Election, no less!

For A Brief Period, Hawk Tuah Was More Popular Than Joe BidenPin

Hawk Tuah Origins: It All Started On TikTok, And Then Just Got Crazier From There…

It all started on a quiet day in June. For weeks, the term “Hawk Tuah” barely registered a blip on the Google Trends radar, sitting comfortably at zero. Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s search interest chugged along steadily, reflecting the usual hum of presidential curiosity. But then, something magical happened.

On June 17, “Hawk Tuah” suddenly took off like, well, a hawk. From a humble start of zero, interest in Hailey Welch’s viral alter ego began climbing. By June 19, it hit 28, a number that seemed astronomically high compared to its previous performance. And the momentum didn’t stop there. By June 22, “Hawk Tuah” was flying high with a score of 57, leaving Biden’s consistent but modest numbers in the dust.

For A Brief Period, Hawk Tuah Was More Popular Than Joe BidenPin

What sparked this meteoric rise? Hailey Welch, known for her hilarious NSFW comment that went viral on TikTok, was clearly the talk of the town—or rather, the entire internet. Her fame may have come from a single meme, but it resonated far and wide, proving that even a brief brush with internet fame can eclipse presidential news.

After peaking, Hailey’s “Hawk Tuah” popularity began to wane, but it never quite returned to its original obscurity. Even as Biden’s numbers settled back down to the 20-30 range, “Hawk Tuah” maintained a respectable level of interest, proving that even the briefest brushes with internet fame can leave a lasting mark.

And remember: all of this took place in the run up to the 2024 Presidential Elections. Did Trump do any better? Is the man behind MAGA more popular than Hawk Tuah?

For A Brief Period, Hawk Tuah Was More Popular Than Joe BidenPin

In a word, yes – Donald Trump has more Google searches than Hawk Tuah, even during the heights of Hawk Tuah mania.

What Happened To The Hawk Tuah Girl, What’s She Doing Now?

Despite her internet fame, Hailey Welch has expressed her desire not to be solely associated with the “Hawk Tuah” meme, preferring to cultivate a broader image. Still, for that brief period in June, she was the queen of the internet.

But there was some fallout, apparently:

Tippah County Tribune (TCT) responded by saying a 23-year-old girl named Hailey Wellington was forced to resign from her position at “Epstein Day School” because children who saw the video were “spitting on each other” after hearing the “teacher” say “spit on that thang” online.

TCT quoted the school’s director Carla Reed as saying students “really look up to her as a role model and imitate the things that she does,” and that they “love Hailey but unfortunately we cannot allow this type of behavior from one of our very own faculty members.”


So, what did we learn from this bizarre blip in the data? Perhaps it’s a reminder that the internet is a wild and unpredictable place where even the most unexpected characters can steal the spotlight from the leader of the free world—if only for a moment. Hailey Welch, we salute you. May your Google Trends glory live on in the annals of quirky internet history.

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