Googlefier Brings Google Apps To Huawei & Honor Phones

Huawei and Honor phones no longer ship with Google apps, which sucks. But with the new Googlefier app, you can access and install all of Google’s apps including Google Play

If you buy a new Honor or Huawei phone, you will not be able to access Google apps, thanks to US regulations that prohibit. And while it is possible to install Google apps on a Huawei or Honor phone, the process is rather long-winded – it’s a pain in the ass basically.

And if you’re thinking about picking up Huawei’s new flagship phone, you’ll want to read this post in full.

With the Googlefier app, a new app created by XDA Developer member bender_007, the process of installing Google apps, including Google Play, on Huawei and Honor phones a lot easier.

Googlefier is NOT a one-step solution, however, but it is a lot faster than previous methods which often involved multiple apps and numerous steps. Once you’ve gone through all the steps in the setup wizard, Googlefier will let you install Google Play and other Google apps.

How To Download Googlefier

In order to download Googlefier, you’ll need to visit this thread on XDA Developers.

Once you’ve installed Googlefier, you’ll to allow ALL permissions – this is important, it needs all these permissions to do its job. Once you’ve installed the app and allowed all permissions, just follow the steps and let the app – which use the LZ Play method – do its thing.

What is the LZ Play method? It basically lets you access these locked Google apps without having access to your bootloader. With this method, users can root-access-install system-level applications. But in order to do this, you have to grant it A LOT of permissions.

As a user, you have to be comfortable with this kind of access, however, as it can and does pose certain security risks. If you’re slightly perturbed by this kind of thing, you’re probably best off looking at or going with another Android phone – one that doesn’t have Google apps blocked on it.

How Long Does Googlefier Take To Install?

Googlefier recommends you perform a factory reset on your phone before installing the app, though it isn’t essential. Once you’ve done this, the install process takes, on average, anywhere from seven to ten minutes. The app will work on all Huawei and Honor phones too.

For more information on Googlefier and the install process, click here to view the thread over on XDA.

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