Google Pixel Tablet Price: Might It Be Sub $500? Potentially…

When it comes to the Google Pixel Tablet price, how much will Google charge for its new Android tablet later on this year? Let’s investigate…


  • The price of Google’s Pixel Tablet is expected to be between $400 to $600, with the possibility of undercutting the iPad’s $599 starting price.
  • The Charging Dock is expected to be sold separately and could cost around $99.
  • If Google wants to keep the price low, concessions may need to be made throughout the device, such as omitting features like GPS hardware, 5G modems, and proximity and barometer sensors.
  • The Pixel Tablet is designed for use in the home and may not feature any kind of mobile data connectivity.
  • The base model Pixel Tablet is expected to be priced around $450 or less, possibly even $399.99.
  • The device is expected to have storage options of 128GB and 256GB, a 10.95-inch display, and Wi-Fi 6 support, and may come with a USI 2.0 stylus.
  • The Pixel Tablet is likely to miss out on some key features found in high-end tablets.
  • Google is using its own Tensor chipset in the tablet.

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The tablet market is nothing like the phone market. For one, demand for new, shiny tablets isn’t particularly strong, and those that do buy tablets tend to go for one of Apple’s iPad – it controls a huge share of the market.

Samsung makes quite a few compelling tablets these days, and you have, of course, Microsoft’s Surface machines to consider as well. But there isn’t a great deal of competition in the market – everyone is kind of just doing their thang and making a few bucks here and there.

Personally, I think the entire space is due a shakeup. And the only way things get shaken up – in the consumer tech space, at least – is when a new product comes along that undercuts everything else and still packs in plenty of performance.

Could Google’s incoming Pixel Tablet be that product? Perhaps.

But Google’s track record in the tablet space isn’t exactly great. It has tried and failed numerous times in the past to build a proper iPad competitor which begs the question: will the Pixel Tablet be any different?

First and foremost, Google HAS to get the pricing right. If it can undercut Apple and Samsung with price, and still deliver lots of utility and functionality, it could be onto a winner.

Google Pixel Tablet Price

So how much will Google’s Pixel Tablet cost? If we’re to take current Pixel Tablet rumors as gospel, the price could vary anywhere from $400 to $600, with the former undercutting everything and the latter matching Apple and Samsung’s lineup of tablets more or less.

The entry-level iPad – which Google says it does not want to complete with; make of that what you will – starts from $599, so if Google is planning on doing some under-cutting with the Pixel Tablet, the price would have to be sub-$500 (like, maybe as low as $450).

This, of course, will not include the Charging Dock that also doubles as a speaker. That’ll probably retail for an additional $99 or so, bringing the price back in line with the iPad Air at around $599 or thereabouts.

But if this is the case, and Google does go LOW on pricing, then concessions will have to made throughout the device in order to keep the bill of materials cost in check.

With regard to specs, here’s a leak that details much of what we can expect from the Pixel Tablet’s specs and hardware:

Kuba Wojciechowski has got hold of some key specifications of the upcoming Pixel tablet. According to him, the tablet will come in 128GB and 256GB storage options, a 10.95-inch display, and Wi-Fi 6 support. He has also spotted Google’s first-party USI 2.0 stylus for the Pixel tablet, which doesn’t come as a surprise since the tablet itself was already certified for USI before.


Key things that most people take for granted on their smartphones will be missing too. Stuff like GPS hardware, 5G modems, and proximity and barometer sensors. It may also eschew any official IP rating, a trick used by most of China’s most popular phone brands.

Google has even started propagating the idea that the Pixel Tablet is designed, first and foremost, for use in the home, indicating that it will not feature any kind of mobile data connectivity and will, instead, just rely on basic WiFi 6 to connect to home networks.

And with all these omissions in place, and the fact that Google is using its own Tensor chipset in the tablet, it might be possible for The Big G to get the base model Pixel Tablet to market in and around the $450 mark, maybe even less.

I’m secretly hoping it drops for $399.99.

Here’s everything else currently known about the Google Pixel Tablet, from its release date to its screen and its new software features.

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