Google Pixel 4 Camera To Feature Wide-Color Capture Support


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The Google Pixel 4, once it gets official, will feature an updated camera among other things. But one of the biggest updates to the camera will be the addition of Wide-Color Capture support.

Apple has used this technology inside its iPhones since the release of the iPhone 7, and it is significant because it captures images in the P3 gamut – a range of colors that is 25% larger than the sRGB spectrum used in Android phones.

OK… But Why Does Wide-Color Capture Support Matter?

If you view images captured on an iPhone 7 (or later) on an Android phone, the images – or anything outside the sRGB color range – will not display properly. You simply miss out on these more vivid colors, and that, well… kind of sucks.

Instead of showing these “additional” colors, Android simply clips the image down. This is partly down to Android’s lack of color management inside its apps, but thankfully it is something that is now being fixed – albeit three years after Apple introduced it!

Google Pixel 4 Camera – The First With Wide-Color Capture

Google has officially announced that Wide-Color Capture will be coming to Android. The Big G issued a statement confirming as much– “and now with Android Q, it’s starting to get really close to reality: wide color photography is coming to Android.”

Google Pixel 4 Camera
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The Main Differences Between SRGB and P3 Gamut (Image Source)

But will it come as standard aboard the Google Pixel 4? According to a report on XDA Developers, it very well might do. One of the group’s senior members found come in the Google Camera that allowed for wide-gamut P3 color capture. And there’s even a leaked image to support this finding (see above).

What Difference Will P3 Gamut Make To Pixel 4 Camera?

Google’s Pixel cameras have always been impressive. But the advent of the P3 gamut inside the Pixel 4 will bring with it even more imaging performance. The changes will be subtle, but the difference will be visible; images will look more life-like, for one, and colors will take on new dimensions.

Following the rollout of this feature inside the Google Pixel 4, the rest of the Android ecosystem will have to catch up. Right now, no major, third-party Android app, save for Samsung’s Gallery App, supports wide-color images – not Facebook, not Instagram. Nobody!

Google Photos will get updated with support for wide-color photos, there has even been references to it in the app’s code, but, again, Google has yet to roll out this feature. Finger’s crossed progress will shift gears once the Google Pixel 4 gets official later on this year…

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