Google Currents: Everything You Need To Know About The New Google+

By Richard Goodwin •  Updated: 06/10/20 •  4 min read

Google Currents replaces Google+ but it’s only available to G-Suite users…

Google killed its social network Google+ in April 2019. Google+ lived on though, albeit inside Google’s G Suite of tools. Google hasn’t given up on the “concept” of Google+, however, and will soon launch Google Currents, its successor, on July 6.

What is Google Currents?

Google Currents is essentially a rebranded version of Google+. It’ll be available to all G-Suite users and, rather than focus on consumers, will instead focus its energies on enterprise and business users which is likely a smart move, given just how saturated the current social networking market is.

what is Google Currents
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Google says, “Currents makes it easy to have meaningful discussions by enabling leaders and employees to exchange ideas across the organization and gather valuable feedback and input from others — without flooding inboxes.”

The UX for Google Currents is more or less identical to Google+ layout, so it should look and feel very familiar. Currents will run on tags, as Google+ did, but the bigger idea at play here is to aid inter-company communication between employees and collaborators. In this respect, Currents is a bit like a social networking version of Slack and Teams.

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“Admins can shape the discussion in the organization by creating custom streams to promote specific content to a targeted set of employees or the entire company,” said Google.

It added: “Additionally, admins can measure engagement across the platform with metrics to track usage and understand what content is resonating across the organization.”

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Google Currents has been in beta for several months now. But this week Google confirmed Google Currents would be fully released on July 6. Google sent out a press release this morning, confirming what admins and managers need to know about the release and changes Currents will bring.

Here’s a brief overview of what Google highlighted in its Google Currents release:

Do Existing Google+ Users Need To Do Anything?

No, Google will transition Google+ – including iPhone and Android apps – over to Google Currents seamlessly. All you have to do is wait, and when July 6 rolls around you’ll be using Google Currents.

What Happens To My Google+ Data?

Google has confirmed that ALL Google+ data, so posts, comments, likes, and people you follow, will all be migrated over to Google Currents. You will not lose any valuable data or information in the switch-over – at least, that’s the plan, anyway.

Google Currents Features Overview

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As noted earlier, Google Currents will function much like Google+. At its core are the following features which can be used to create, engage, and communicate:

Google Currents will be part of Google’s G Suite of applications. Interested in G-Suite? You can test G Suite free for 14 days as well to see what’s right for your organization.

what is Google Currents
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