If you’re running Gmail on your iPhone, the latest update to the Gmail iOS app brings widget support

Google has pushed out a new version of Gmail for iOS, bringing a bunch of new features and tweaks. The most notable new feature, however, is the ability to run Gmail widgets inside iOS.

With the new version of Gmail installed on your iPhone, users will now be able to have a dedicated Gmail widget on their iPhone’s homescreen.

If you’re a heavy email user, this new update will make checking and clearing email so much quicker, as you won’t even need to open the app. All the most important information and messages will be viewable with a simple glance.

Google Meet Comes To Gmail For iOS and Android

Google has brought other updates to Gmail for iOS and Android that you might have missed. Last month, Google confirmed that Google Meet would now be available inside Gmail for iPhone and Android.

With Google Meet, you can quickly take and join video meetings inside the Gmail app with just a single click. This feature was introduced as more and more people work from home. It makes communication easier and does not require you to run Google Workspace.

Here’s the official line via Google on the Google Meet update for Gmail:

In the coming weeks, you’ll soon notice a new Meet tab on your phone’s Gmail app where you can see upcoming meetings scheduled in Google Calendar, and easily join them with a single tap.

It added: In the Meet tab, tap on “New meeting” to start a meeting instantly, get a meeting link to share, or to schedule a meeting in Calendar. If you tap on “Join with a code,” you can join meetings shared with you by entering a meeting code.

If you don’t want Meet to appear as a tab in the Gmail app, access the Settings from the hamburger menu in the top left corner of your inbox, tap on your account, scroll down and uncheck Meet – Google

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