GEO Hunters released on iPhone


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GEO Hunters, a new free location based role playing game for iPhone, can now be bought now on the Apple App Store.

The aim of the game is to save your neighbourhood, protect the world and battle monsters whilst competing against other players.

You can be a powerful warrior, skilled hunter or crafty wizard whilst using a variety of weapons to build up your own monster army.

Geo Hunters is one of the first location based games to embrace location based services to such a degree.

“Location-based technology has revolutionized game mechanics and GEO Hunters takes this type of experience one step further by using Google Maps to create a fun, addictive gaming environment,” said Dr. Hyun Oh Yoo, CEO of YD Online.

“We wanted to create a mobile game that combines actual geography with fantasy, while creating a community of engaged competitive players.

“GEO Hunters has all these qualities, giving great replay value to players,” he concluded.

The game combines Google Maps satellite view landscapes with a fantasy world, mixing reality with fantasy.

Geo Hunter is also influenced by the news, as hidden monsters appear at locations where breaking news has occurred around the world – a pretty neat touch.

Location based games are becoming really popular, thanks to the likes of the immensely addictive Foursquare application and SCVNGR.

A previous YD Online title is Angel’s Choice, the first mobile game for App discovery.

Founded in 2000 and listed in the Korean Stock Exchange, YD Online has deep roots in community driven games, with users across more than 80 countries.

YD Online’s CEO, Dr Hyun Oh Yoo, was previously CEO of SK Communications and led Cyworld, a pioneering social network, to its leadership position in Korea and fronted the site’s US and global expansion.

YD Online’s US headquarters are based in Mountain View, California.

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