Farewell, Tilted Towers

Fortnite's Best Location (Tilted Towers) Is Gone...Pin

Fortnite’s map has seen plenty of changes since the game launched some time ago, with the landscape shifting and altering to keep players interested, and on their toes. However, one part of the map that has been a constant since the beginning is Tilted Towers; one of the big settlements of the Fortnite world, it’s been a preferred drop site for many players and is often the place to bag the best weapons and gear at the start of a match.

We need to start talking about Tilted Towers in the past tense, as a recent event in the game has effectively wiped the town off the map.

A week-long ‘Rune’ event has been hinting at something special, but few would dare to have predicted it would be the utter ruination of one of the game’s most beloved locations. The culmination of the event saw a vault open in Loot Lake, which players could leap into to gain the previously-removed ‘Drum Gun’.

While all of this was happening, a volcano began showering the landscape with flaming rocks, the last of which would rain down on Tilted Towers and destroy it. Gulp.

This dramatic event is merely the latest in a long line of similar geographical changes that developer Epic Games has made over the past few months in order to maintain player interest. Fortnite remains one of the world’s most popular games but keeping people engaging is a daily struggle – especially when there’s only one main map. Epic has repeatedly reshaped the landscape to encourage players to adopt new tactics and strategies, and this latest change will certainly do that – without Tilted Towers as a go-to drop-point, Fortnite fans will have to come up with fresh ideas in order to bag that elusive Victory Royale.

And Epic will want to mix things up as much as possible, as it is holding the first Fornite World Cup event this July, with a $30 million prize pool available for the solo and duo players who reach the grand finals in New York.