With gyms closed all around the world, apps like FIIT are making a killing – but is it any good?

COVID has basically ruined the gym. Usually, in January, gyms are inundated with new members. But this year, many are fighting to stay in business while apps like FIIT are making a killing, as more and more people start working out at home. But is FIIT worth the monthly fee? Let’s investigate…

What’s Included With FIIT Subscription?

If you can’t go the gym, you should still be exercising. I used to go the gym, but now I run and workout with kettlebells in my garden. I (sort of) know what I’m doing after years of gym experience. But for those that have never set foot in a gym, a bit of guidance is always advantageous.

This is where FIIT comes into the mix. Available on iPhone or Android, FIIT is an application that effectively puts a personal trainer in your phone. With the app installed, you’ll have access to hundreds of workout routines. Importantly, though, FIIT shows you how to complete the exercises with correct form – and this is key.

Lifting weights is great. It makes you bigger and stronger. You also feel brilliant after a workout. But lifting weights, when done incorrectly, can be extremely dangerous: you can put your back out, injure yourself, or, worse, end up in hospital (and you definitely don’t want to be there right now). FIIT shows you EXACTLY how to do each exercise and it does so in a visual and easy to follow manner.


For this reason, an app like FIIT is a great option for anyone that wants to get healthier but doesn’t know where to start. And I get it: exercise, doing it right, and correct techniques can be confusing. If you’re new, you need a guide, and right now – with social distancing and gyms closed – apps like FIIT and YouTube are your best friends.

OK, so what’s included with a FIIT subscription?

Once you sign up to FIIT you’ll have access to over 600 classes and over 20 training plans, covering everything from fat loss to muscle building and toning. The creators of FIIT worked with leading “world-class” trainers to build the application, so the information you’re getting from your instructors is top-notch stuff.

Beyond this, the FIIT app has things like challenges that you can take part in, leader boards for the ultra-competitive, and also live stats, so, if you have a wearable or a smartwatch, you can plug it into FIIT and monitor your health and fitness metrics in real-time inside the app which is cool.

Again, this app definitely isn’t for everybody. I think it is squarely aimed at beginners, for the most part – the type of people that haven’t set foot in a gym before. If you need guidance and assistance with starting a workout routine, and you don’t want to read books, this type of app is great. It will answer all your questions and show you exactly what to do and when.

What Does FIIT Run On?

The FIIT app runs on iPhone and Android, so if you have a phone that’s one of them, you’re good to go. You can download the FIIT app via the App Store and Google Play, although you will first have to sign-up for an account and membership/subscription which you can do here.

Once you have a confirmed FIIT membership and the app installed on your iPhone or Android phone, you can then connect any wearables you have, so long as they’re supported. As of right now, FIIT supports the following wearables/smartwatches/fitness trackers:

How Many Work Outs Does FIIT App Have?

As noted earlier, there are over 600+ classes and over 20+ workout plans. You have HIIT plans, fat-loss plans, yoga classes, body weight exercises, pilates, mobility workouts – basically, whatever you can think of.

FIIT even has a group workout feature, whereby you can train – virtually – with other members. These group workouts are scheduled across the day, and they run everyday. In total, there are around 60 group classes on FIIT every single day.

Don’t want to join a FIIT group session? No problem. You can set up private group workout sessions for just you and your friends.

What Do You Need To Get Started With FIIT?

In order to get started with FIIT, all you need is a 2 x 2 meter space in which to work out – and that’s it. Because FIIT has so many classes and workouts, you don’t need anything other than your body to get started. However, if you have free weights, exercise bands, a yoga matt, and/or kettlebells, you’ll be able to take advantage of more classes and do more with the app.

My advice? If you’re going to pay for a FIIT membership, and you want to slay some fat in record time, get yourself a couple of kettlebells. Kettlebells are INSANELY good at whipping you into shape. I trained with weights for years and then, after the advice of a friend, switched to kettlebells. Within a month or two, I was in the best shape of my life because kettlebell workouts hot both strength and cardio at the same time.

FITT App Reviews

Obviously, before committing to something like FIIT, you probably want to know what its current reviews are like, right? Well, the good news here is that millions of people REALLY like this app. It has also gotten very positive write-ups from leading health and fitness blogs and magazines, as you can see below…

The Fiit experience undoubtedly gets a big thumbs up, and it’s far ahead of the other home workout apps I’ve tried in the quality, range and presentation of its classes. It’s more expensive than those apps, however, especially if you opt to pay a monthly fee of £20 a pop. However, the £45 for three months is more reasonable and an annual subscription of £120 is undoubtedly good value, especially considering that most live boutique fitness classes are £20 a pop – Coach Mag

There is really nothing bad about Fiit. It is part of a growing marketplace and it does its job fabulously. The question is, is telefitness, working out at home, whatever you want to call it, for everyone? Is it going to make your workout more efficient, is it going to help your fitness goals? In my opinion, there’s every chance. I, for one, found the idea of exercising at home deeply alluring – GQ

As a regular gym goer I was looking for something in 2020 to keep me fit and enjoy if too. I tried several other services and didn’t find them right for me. Fiit came along and initially I thought the workouts were a bit hard to navigate (until I found out how to properly use filters!) and also a bit ‘bro’ esque at times. But I liked that they were U.K. based as the U.S workout stuff often doesn’t resonate with me – iPhone User via App Store

Wrapping Up: Is The FIIT App Worth It?

OK, we’ve covered all the basics about FIIT above, so the next logical question is whether or not FIIT is worth the monthly subscription fee? Prices start from £20 and you can choose whether you pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly – I’d go with the monthly option.

When you sign up, you will get 14 days completely free too, so you can test out the app and see if it is something you want to commit to longterm. Price wise, I think this app is very fairly priced. You’re getting access to a TON of very good, informative, actionable content for less than the cost of a gym membership per month.


Put in this context, FIIT really does deliver plenty of value for money. There are literally hundreds of potential workouts to do on here, so you can really mix things up too. I found myself using the mobility courses loads, as this is something I have never focussed on before. But now that I am doing more running, I really want to make improvements in this area. And FIIT is really helped me do this.

For this reason, I would say that FIIT is 100% worth the asking price. In fact, I would argue that it is, perhaps, the best fitness and workout app on the planet right now. If you’re serious about undertaking a new workout regime, and you don’t want to start running, FIIT is your best option. It covers everything from bodyweight exercises to yoga and everything else in between.

Check out FIIT’s official site for more information.

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