Epic space MMO Eve Online coming to Android tablets?


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At this year’s Eve Fanfest, CCP unveiled an abridged version of Eve Online running on a Tegra-powered tablet.

The event – which is really just a big excuse to drink copious amounts of beer in Reyjavik, Iceland, while talking about how serious internet spaceships are – saw the sci-fi massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) in action on a Tegra 2 tablet and smartphone.

“We’ve been working a lot on the backend to enable EVE over http, but the problem we run into is that a lot of people seem to equate that with a web browser. It doesn’t necessarily mean that – it means any of these devices can start extracting data and also writing data back,” said CCP’s chief technology officer Halldor Fannar during EVE Fanfest.

“So it opens up the possibility of having dedicated applications for doing market transactions, managing your skill queue and, for instance, fitting your spaceship.”

Interestingly, Halldor told Edge Magazine it would be bringing Eve Online to two new platforms within the next five years, adding to PC and Mac platforms it currently runs on. We assume Halldor is not including Dust 514, its console first-person shooter set to compliment the current MMO offering.

At the least, CCP may release a skill-changing, market app or 1st party ship-fitting tool (not that EFT and other variants are not good enough) to keep players busy when away from the PC, but its the prospect of playing such a hardcore MMO on a tablet that is most exciting.

And as Kristoffer Touborg – known to the community as CCP Soundwave – rightfully pointed out, Eve is as far from a casual game as you can get. “Welcome to EVE, here’s a Rubik’s Cube. Now go f**k yourself,” were his words on the need to simplify the game for newbies.

Considering many players would like to see lag sorted out in fleet combat, and have done so for the last few years, CCP really has its work cut out, especially when four years have elapsed since the developer unveiled the impressive ‘walking in stations’ feature.

Nonetheless, tablet gaming just took quite a hardcore turn – hopefully for the best.

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