Your closet drawer has a new member now – your old mobile phone which is now of no use because of the latest and swanky device that you carry. No point in leaving the phone idle when it could be turned to cold, hard cash by selling it via online recycle programs.

If you are wondering how to sell my phone for cash, let us tell you with more than a decade’s experience how to sell your mobile phone for the best returns.

More than 1.5 Billion mobile phones were sold last year. It doesn’t include the numbers of the used phone reselling market. With such a humongous consumption, the reselling market has to be very competitive, and it actually is. With the latest models costing a bomb, there is a large chunk who prefers using mobile phones from resellers on eBay, Amazon, and Swappa.

Or, if you’re in the USA, Gazelle.

As you read, you’ll gain clarity about the different options available today and how to approach an excellent deal

You have three basic options when it comes to selling your old phone:

  1. Trade it In For Credit
  2. Online Marketplaces
  3. Sell it to a Reseller Company

Trade It In For Credit

There are a bunch of companies that offer some form of credit that could be used to purchase anything else from them. You just need to answer a couple of questions online to get an immediate quote. Giants like Amazon and some others too offer a prepaid postal sticker for free dispatch.

It is to be remembered that the offered price is only honored after the physical inspection of the device. Once this evaluation report matches the details of your declaration in all aspects, you can expect the money to hit your account in the next two to three working days.

A word of caution – Being honest while sharing the details of the device only helps to have a smooth evaluation and hassle less closure.

For example – a scratched screen shouldn’t be mentioned as flawless else it will fall flat during the inspection process only to result in last-minute surprises.

There are some trusted sites too that have their physical stores where you can walk-in to get your handset evaluated to get an instant offer. If their offer suits you the deal could be closed on the spot.

Online Marketplaces

Although it is assumed that most and best deals emerge out of B2C marketplaces, however, it comes with a comprehensive understanding of the different platforms, patience, and focused research.

Be ready with some real, clear, and authentic photos of your device to upload, have a nice listing, analyze different options, get into negotiations, and then after closing a deal send it through postal or meet someone in person.

Such marketplaces have end-users who apparently offer more than B2B markets while saving time both for the buyer and the seller. Always factor in packaging and postage in your price.

Again, there are some sites for selling old mobile phones which follow a different approach of auctioning and bidding after you have listed them on their site. If in case that doesn’t suit you, you can also set a fixed price. On one hand, such sites give the flexibility to gun for the best price by leveraging the power of bidding and auctioning, on the other hand, they also empower you to ask for a fixed quote, which is great.

In case, if you don’t know, the IMEI number will always be checked for legal authentication purpose, be it any market – any format. All buyers have inspection teams and resources to check on the device before the sale takes off.

Selling Phones for Cash to a Reseller Company

Mobile reseller companies offer quick and easy deals on their websites that look great upon the first look. Although they often are, however, one needs to be a little careful, compare a bit and not fall for the first offer. The process involves filling an online form to capture the details, and you’re all set. The price offered is reasonably competitive and is locked for a certain period – in most cases, from 15 to 30 days. However, be wary of checking about the postal policies because not all of the traders offer free postage.

How Much Can I Expect For My Smartphone?

No brownie points for guessing that a phone in a decent condition with the box and all original accessories will get you more than a scratched phone that has no supporting. Assuming that the phone is in great shape both by looks and functionality, the next step is to find an exciting deal that could only result through comprehensive research and deep scanning. When you inclusively explore the options, it is only then that you get clarity about the trends and prices for your phone.

We hope that you have better clarity now about how to approach selling your mobile phone to secure the best deal in the country.