Don’t Buy iPhone 12 In 2021, Wait For The iPhone 13 – Here’s Why…

by | 27/04/2021 10:31 am
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If you have an iPhone 11 and are thinking about the iPhone 12, hold your horses – the iPhone 13 will be a far better investment. Here’s why…

Buy iPhone 12 or Wait For The iPhone 13?

That is the question. And it is a very good question, indeed. The iPhone 12 – all models – was a fairly solid update over the iPhone 11; it brought 5G and OLED displays to all the models, as well as Apple’s blisteringly fast A14 CPU.

However, the iPhone 12 isn’t without its problems. Battery life, for one thing, is not as good as it was on the iPhone 11. And this is one of the main reasons why I’m advising people to hold off on the iPhone 12 and wait for the iPhone 13.

But what will the iPhone 13 be like?

With the iPhone 13, Apple will have had plenty of time to figure out how to better handle battery life with 5G. When the iPhone 13 lands at the end of 2021, the battery life on these models will likely be on a par with what we got with the iPhone 11. It might even be better, especially if Apple’s custom 5G modems come into fruition.

The iPhone 13 will also feature some pretty tasty new features too. The most important updates will relate to the camera units in the base models (iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini), as more and more camera tech trickles down from the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 13 Design

To date, leaks about the iPhone 13 have been fairly thin on the ground, however, we do know a few things about potential design changes for the iPhone 13 range. And they’re all pretty positive.

The first relates to the notch. According to leaked information, Apple is keen to ship the iPhone 13 with a dramatically smaller notch than what we have on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 range. How much smaller? No specifics were given, but we’re guessing somewhere in the order of 30% to 40% smaller.

The second relates to the camera module on the back of the iPhone. According to leaks, Apple’s iPhone 13 camera module will be 0.9mm thicker than the one used on the iPhone 12 although the unit itself will sit flush to the back of the phone. And this will be achieved through two things: 1) new chassis design, and 2) covering the entire module with sapphire glass.

iPhone 13 Camera – It’ll Be A LOT Better…

The third leak, again, relates to camera tech. The iPhone 13 Pro will apparently feature an updated camera that will use the same sensor-shift optical image stabilization from the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s camera will be updated with some as-yet-unknown new sensors and hardware, making it, once again, the king of the range with respect to camera performance.

Word on the street suggests the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera will be upgraded with a F/1.8 6P (six element) ultrawide lens with autofocus. The current iPhone 12 Pro models use F/2.4, 5P fixed focus ultrawide modules. Taiwan’s Largan Precision will apparently be building around 70% of Apple’s camera units in 2021 for the iPhone 13 range.

But the main reason I’d hold onto my iPhone 11 until the end of 2021 is because of battery life. Apple’s iPhone 12 range, while solid in nearly every regard, really does suffer in the battery department. If you’re used to all-day battery life with your iPhone 11, switching to the iPhone 12 is going to feel like a downgrade.

Apple has some new custom modems in the works for the iPhone 13 and these, combined with the A15 chipset, should ensure vastly superior battery life with 5G. And if battery life is important to you, that is definitely something keep in mind before you pull the trigger on an iPhone 12 purchase…

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