The modular, $199 CMF Nothing Phone 1 is here and it comes with a slew of accessories – here’s the full list…

The CMF Nothing Phone 1 costs $199 and features a novel modular design. That’s something of a first in the smartphone space, and while the phone is definitely NOT a flagship it definitely does have enough charm and specs to make quite a dent in the budget phone market. 

And this is what the Nothing brand specializes in: making compelling hardware that looks and performs well outside its price class.

Its main USP, of course, is its modular design, whereby you can swap things like the back panel and, using its “dial” attach a range of accessories to the phone to make it more useful. But what accessories are currently available for the CMF Nothing Phone 1? 

Here’s the complete list…

CMF Nothing Phone 1 Accessories (Complete List)

Replaceable Back Covers

CMF Nothing Phone 1 Accessories: The Complete ListPin

The CMF Phone 1 offers a unique customization feature with its replaceable back covers. These covers allow users to change the look and feel of their device:

  • Available in four colors: Black, Light Green, Orange, and Blue
  • Black and Light Green have a matte plastic finish for a sleek, modern look
  • Orange and Blue feature a vegan leather finish, providing a premium texture
  • Changing covers requires removing five screws, including the distinctive dial
  • Each cover comes with matching wallpapers to complete the aesthetic

Card Case

CMF Nothing Phone 1 Accessories: The Complete ListPin

This accessory transforms the CMF Phone 1 into a wallet-phone hybrid:

  • Attaches magnetically to the phone’s back for easy removal
  • Requires installation of a magnetic plate on the phone (included with the case)
  • Features a magnetic lid to secure cards and cash
  • Can hold 2-3 cards comfortably
  • Adds minimal bulk while providing practical functionality

Lanyard Cable

CMF Nothing Phone 1 Accessories: The Complete ListPin

The lanyard accessory offers a unique way to carry and secure your phone:

  • Adjustable length to suit different wearing styles
  • Neon orange rope design for high visibility
  • Attaches to the phone like a satchel, allowing for hands-free carrying
  • Ideal for outdoor activities or situations where you want to keep your phone close
  • Requires unscrewing the dial to attach securely to the phone

Phone Stand

CMF Nothing Phone 1 Accessories: The Complete ListPin

This versatile accessory enhances the CMF Phone 1’s usability:

  • Collapsible design for easy storage and portability
  • Can be used in landscape and portrait orientations for various viewing angles
  • Compatible with the card case, allowing simultaneous use
  • Made of durable plastic with a sturdy hinge mechanism
  • Attaches by screwing into the phone’s dial slot

33W Fast Charger

While not included with the phone, this optional accessory enhances charging speed:

  • Sold separately (not included with phone)
  • USB-C port for wide compatibility
  • Charges the CMF Phone 1 to 50% in 20 minutes, 100% in an hour
  • Compact design for easy travel
  • Supports other USB-C devices, not limited to the CMF Phone 1

The CMF Nothing Phone 1 is now available to buy for $199/£199 in the US, UK, and Europe.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • These accessories aim to bring modularity to a budget-friendly phone, allowing users to customize their device
  • Some accessories require unscrewing and re-screwing parts of the phone, which may be cumbersome for frequent changes
  • The modular design allows for extensive customization but may impact ergonomics, particularly when using multiple accessories

Need a deep-dive on what makes the phone tick, including details on its specs and hardware? Check out our 101 guide to the CMF Nothing Phone 1 – it covers literally everything you need to know.

And you can click here for all the latest Nothing news.

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