... with WARP is a free app from CloudFlare that’ll make your connection faster, more secure, and totally private

VPNs are great. But what if you could get most of the benefits associated with a VPN without paying for one?

And without the speed restrictions?

That’d be cool, right? Well, that is EXACTLY what the with WARP app from CloudFlare does. And right now, this is a must-have app for anyone with an iPhone or Android phone – here’s why.

What is with Warp App?

The app, which uses CloudFlare’s WARP technology, is designed to make your mobile data connection a lot faster. It does this by running your connection through CloudFlare’s servers instead of your ISP’s.

This is process is technically known as DNS resolution.

The upshot of this, besides the performance improvements, is that your ISP cannot see what you’re doing when you’re browsing the web via 4G or 5G – it is kind of like a VPN in this respect.

But, as pointed out by WIRED, the app does not allow you to choose an endpoint region which means you cannot set it so your ISP thinks you’re in New York when you’re actually in Wrexham.

To do this, and to access things like HULU from the UK, you’re still going to need a VPN. CloudFlare even outlines this point about its app in its T&Cs:

“WARP is not designed to allow you to access geo-restricted content when you’re traveling. It will not hide your IP address from the websites you visit.”


How To Make Phone Internet Faster

However, with the app your internet connection will be totally secure and totally private. And if you have issues with your ISP spying on what you’re doing or looking at while connected to its servers, you’ll love the app.

But the main thing about the with Warp app is speed – it is designed to make your phone’s internet a lot quicker.

But how does it do this?

It’s all to do with DNS resolution, which sounds technical, and it is, but the ELI5 version goes a bit like this: rather than your internet connection going through your ISP’s servers – Verizon’s for instance – it is re-routed through CloudFlare’s EDGE network.

The EDGE network has servers all over the world, so the connection, wherever you are located, will always be rapid. WARP also uses BoringTun to encrypt all traffic from your device too – this stops things like hackers and snoopers for intercepting your connection.

Is WARP a VPN Then?

Technically speaking, WARP is a VPN. It has many of the features associated with a VPN but it doesn’t come with the same downsides – slow internet speeds, mainly.

The app, launched in 2018, was CloudFlare’s first ever mobile app. And while the app was successful, it didn’t really take off until it was updated with WARP – this happened in 2019.

Since then, with Warp has grown by 700% year on year. Millions of Android and iPhone users have now downloaded the app.

Test Results: How Fast is CloudFlare’s WARP App?

Prior to testing anything like this, I’m always dubious. Like everyone, I want faster internet speeds on my phone. But I am always wary of any companies that make claims about instantly speeding up your phone’s web connection.

Even big players like CloudFlare. But as it turns out, I should have had more faith in CloudFlare; the WARP app makes a HUGE difference to your phone’s internet connection speeds.

How much of a difference? Well, as you can see below, the results kind of speak for themselves…

I tested with Warp on my Pixel 5 while out and about the other day. Before initiating WARP, my download speeds were terrible. But after installing the with Warp via Google Play my phone’s internet connection speed more than TRIPLED.

And that is pretty darn significant whichever you slice it.

Is The Warp App Free?

Yep, the with Warp app is 100% free for iPhone and Android. However, I don’t think you’d want to run it on older hardware. Because of the intensive-load of the app, older hardware may fail to run it optimally.

This means, to be safe and ensure optimal performance, you should only be running with Warp on newer phones – phones no older than a couple of years, basically.

Does with Warp App Hurt Battery Life?

I’ve been running the with Warp app on my Pixel 5 for a few weeks now and I haven’t noticed any difference in battery life. If you’re running older hardware, say an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S8, you might notice battery degradation.

Is Warp App Available For iPhone and Android?

Yes, CloudFlare’s with Warp app is available for both Android and iPhone. You can download it for free here.

Warp is also available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux too – so you can now make your computer’s internet connection faster and more secure too.