If you’re looking for unlimited 5G data for less than £20 a month, you’re in luck – this SIM-only deal is easily the best on the market right now…

The arrival of 5G is one of the biggest trends affecting the mobile space right now. Any new phone that launches between now and the close of 2020 will be a 5G phone – and that includes Apple’s iPhone 12 range.

But here’s the rub: 5G phones are more expensive than 4G phones. And to get access to these 5G-capable phones, most people will have to go on contracts (usually 18-24 months ones) where you’ll be looking at fees of anywhere from £40 to £50 a month (if you want unlimited data).

Cheap Unlimited 5G Data (It Can Be Had)…

But what if you could get a 5G phone AND a cheap, unlimited 5G data plan for less than £13 a month?

That’d be cool, right?

This is something I’m thinking about doing. Mostly, it’s because I want to save some money. But also because I’m also kind of interested to see what life with 5G will be like.

And my plan for doing this involves two things:

But even if you’re not after 5G, this deal is still really good. If you don’t have a 5G phone, it’ll simply run 4G – unlimited 4G (and that includes tethering too, so you could use this data to power your laptop and tablet when you’re out and about too).

Why You’d Get This Deal:

  • It’s Truly Unlimited – You Can Use As Much As You Want
  • It Comes With 5G (Future-Proofing)
  • It’s Currently 50% OFF Right Now
  • It’s The Cheapest Unlimited SIM Deal on Market

I currently pay £30 a month with Three, so I really need to switch over to this deal. It costs 50% less than my current plan (for six months, then it goes up to £20) and it includes 5G data, so if I do decide to pick up the now, heavily-discounted OnePlus 7T (pictured below), I’ll be able to run 5G when it’s available. And all together – meaning the phone and the SIM-only deal – this would set me back around £489 (that’s around 60% less than the Samsung Galaxy S20 Pro).


It’s a pretty tantalizing deal and I’m growing slightly tired of my Google Pixel 3a. It’d be nice to have something larger and more potent. The OnePlus 7T would do nicely, despite the fact the OnePlus 8 launches in the not too distant future. Personally, I’d rather run an older flagship, save a few hundred quid, and be able to shop around for the best SIM-only deal on the market which, in this case, would be Three’s Unlimited 5G/4G Plan.

I know it’s fashionable to have the latest phone, but when you’re talking about saving hundreds of quid, owning the device outright, and having a super-cheap data bundle that’ll net you unlimited 5G and 4G, the idea of buying an older flagship model starts to make a lot of sense.

This is also why I am a HUGE advocate of buying refurbished tech – phones and computers.

Either way, whether you need a new phone or not, Three’s Unlimited 4G/5G plan is basically unmissable right now. You’re not going to find a better SIM-only deal for this kind of money anywhere else. And believe me, I’ve looked!