Championship Manager: 80s Legends released


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Square Enix’s Beautiful Games Studios has released the next installment of its nostalgic football simulators, Championship Manager: 80s Legends, on iPhone.

This latest outing, which is set a decade on from its last game, is all about the mullets. The likes of Beardsley, Lineker, Barnes and Seaman are just a few of the many faces you can use to build up your ultimate retro team.

The biggest allure is obviously the extensive player database, packed with all the big names of the decade, but Championship Manager: 80s Legends does more than just turn back the clocks. Apparently there are hundreds of genuine news stories and photos from the era, too, for added interest.

You can choose when you start in the 1980’s season from three different dates, and then you begin to manage your team successfully so you can enjoy something the Arsenal of 2011 will not be enjoying – a cabinet filled to the brim with silverware.

For further 80’s immersion, there is a what the press release calls a ‘retro interface’, which overlays the usual features you would expect from the series, including commentary and custom player formations.

No iPhone game would be complete without some form of social media, and Championship Manager: 80s Legends is not about to buck the trend. Thanks to OpenFeint integration, you can earn a variety achievements, and if you add your Facebook and Twitter accounts you can badger, sorry, update your friends on how your team is getting on.

We rather enjoyed the 70’s edition, saying in our full review, “If you’ve played Championship Manager before and are merely looking for an iPhone version with a twist then this is a faithful interpretation of that. However, newcomers would do better to get their induction to CM’s addictive world elsewhere.”

Championship Manager: 80s Legends is available now on the App Store for £1.79.

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