During the height of the COVID pandemic, Apple had its engineers design masks for its employees. But can you buy an Apple Mask?

Before work from home orders became the norm, and millions of people were still going to work every day, masks became one of the biggest selling products on the planet – billions were sold in a few short months.

Companies, large and small, insisted their employees wore masks to work to keep each other safe. Apple was no exception. But in true Apple style, the iPhone maker decided to design and manufacture its own masks for its employees.

The Apple Mask

Apple tasked its engineers to design a mask that could be worn all day comfortably, that wouldn’t steam up glasses, and that also featured an adjustable strap, so it would fit onto all kinds of different shaped heads and faces.

The Apple Mask was distributed to Apple employees, both at its HQ in Cupertino and inside its retail stores. But because this mask was designed and created by Apple, plenty of non-Apple employees wanted to get one for themselves, leading to millions of people Googling whether or not they could buy an Apple mask.

Can You Buy An Apple Mask?

Apple designed and manufactured the Apple Mask for its employees. The Apple mask WAS NOT intended to be sold to consumers, however, so people like you and me cannot buy an Apple Mask – you have to be in Apple’s employ to get one.

Apple used the masks in 2020 and 2021, asking those that came into its offices to wear one. If you visited Apple’s HQ during the past two years, chances are you would be given an Apple Mask to wear while touring its campus. But you cannot buy Apple Masks in Apple’s retail stores or online.

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