An interesting experiment has been running for more than 110 hours on YouTube. In it, a YouTuber is testing to see how long a Galaxy S21 can survive in water for… 

YouTube is a funny ol’ place. You can find people doing all sorts of crazy things on the platform – from blending phones to the downright weird.

But this experiment is actually pretty cool, the YouTube channel Photo Owl Time Lapse is conducting an experiment to see how long the Samsung Galaxy S21 can survive under water for.

And he’s live-streaming the entire thing – as you can see below:

The YouTuber contacted KYM and told us about his little experiment which has already been going crazy on Reddit.

Here’s what he told us:

The goal is to find out how long a top tier smartphone can last underwater in an aquarium without any water damage. The Galaxy S21 is IP68 certified for half an hour in 1.5 meters deep water.

Although the phone is in much less pressure than what the IP68 certification would allow, it probably will not live forever.

There are a few similar experiments on the internet already, but for various reasons they typically ended after an 8-16 hour test, one due to charging issues, another simply because it took too long.

In the Samsung Galaxy S21’s case there is a wireless charger pad attached to the back of the fish tank, so keeping the battery on 100% is not an issue.

In the end there will be a time lapse and disassembly video made of the whole experiment, which will serve as a more consumable content for those who missed the live stream.

You can watch the live stream here.

The next logical question is how long will the Galaxy S21 last? A week? A month? Forever? At this point, nobody knows but I reckon it’ll do a week easy.