Brad Pitt’s latest film Bullet Train is currently in the cinemas, but when will it be available on streaming platforms? Let’s find out…

Directed by David Leitch, Bullet Train is a high-octane action thriller set aboard, you guessed it: a bullet train. The plot sees Brad Pitt, a retired hitman, come out of retirement for one last job which happens to be on a train packed full of other hitmen and women intent on killing him.

Action films rarely sit well with critics and Bullet Train is no exception. It scored fairly weak reviews with critics following its August 5 theatrical release. General moviegoers, however, were more impressed – it has an average rating of 77%.

For an action flick, 77% is good. Plus, Pitt doesn’t really make bad movies, so it is probably well worth seeing Bullet Train in the cinema if you’re a fan of watching action on the big screen. Me? I’ll probably wait until it hits streaming platforms.

And this leads us to the focus of this post: when will Bullet Train be available on streaming platforms? And, more importantly, which streaming platform will get it first?

Bullet Train Streaming Release Date

Bullet Train was produced by Sony Pictures and, thanks to a deal between Sony and Netflix, Bullet Train – like Unchartered – will be coming to Netflix first, once it gets its streaming release date. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it probably won’t arrive until late 2022.

Bullet Train Streaming Release DatePin

Why? Back during the pandemic, films would either hit the cinema and streaming platforms at the same time or just go straight to streaming platforms. But now the cinemas are back open, we’re seeing longer and longer waits for new films to land on streaming platforms – usually around four months.

Bullet Train got its theatrical release in August, so, four months after this date would be January 2023. Of course, given that Xmas is coming up, Sony and Netflix may decide to release it earlier, allowing the film to be streamed during December. Whatever happens, Bullet Train won’t be on Netflix until December at the earliest.

How To Watch Bullet Train

When Bullet Train does eventually land, you will be able to watch it first on Netflix. Amazon and other platforms will get it too but on these platforms, you will have to either buy or rent the movie. Only Netflix, per its deal with Sony, will have it available to stream for free.

Is Bullet Train Any Good?

As noted in the intro, most critics generally have a hard time praising action films. Anything that is too entertaining, without a serious message or thematic elements, is usually panned as unworthy of praise or high reviews – but this has always been the case.

Here’s a selection of Bullet Train reviews, so you can get a feel for whether or not the movie is any good.

The largely entertaining action flick Bullet Train rolls along on the power of Brad Pitt’s megawatt charisma – and sometimes on that alone.

Wenlei Ma

This film adaptation, by screenwriter Zak Olkewicz, is a blessing and a curse. It creates, builds and lights the fuse on this Molotov cocktail. But the script’s overabundance of characters, dips in momentum and protracted ending don’t help.

Dwight Brown

The plot is a tagliatelle of insubstantiality. Just assume that everyone is set to double-cross everyone else. The dialogue, alas, dwells far too much in the pop-culture miasma that may be Quentin Tarantino’s most regrettable gift to the culture.

Donald Clarke

Bullet Train has its heart in the rate place because it just wants to offer viewers a fun time at the movies. A big screen, fast-paced, fun, darkly comic, and relentlessly overstuffed adventure movie to entertain the masses.

M.N. Miller

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