This is What Apple’s Blue iPhone 12 Looks Like (UNBOXING)

The first proper unboxing of Apple’s blue iPhone 12 has appeared online – and it looks proper good!

The iPhone 12 is official with new specs, a slightly new design, and a bunch of new features. There’s even a new model – the iPhone 12 Mini – and that iPhone is the smallest iPhone Apple has made in years.

It’s even smaller than the iPhone SE 2020.

What About Apple’s Blue iPhone 12 Though?

Apple introduced a bunch of new colors across its iPhone 12 range. You can find out more about them inside our iPhone 12 guide. The most startling new color option, however, is the blue color – or Atlantic Blue, as Apple calls it.

Now, Apple’s iPhone 12 won’t start shipping until Friday. You can buy one now, of course, but the first units won’t start shipping until Friday, October 23. And if you’ve yet to pull the trigger on an iPhone 12, and you’re interested in what the Atlantic Blue iPhone 12 looks like, here’s a quick unboxing.

iPhone 12 Unboxing

Apple’s New iPhone Box

As you can see in the video, Apple’s iPhone 12 ships in a rather different looking box. The reason for this is that Apple has stopped including headphones and a charging cable in the box (unless you’re in France; in France ALL phones HAVE to ship with headphones).

The iPhone 12 box is smaller and thinner. Inside the box, things are different too. Apple now uses a paper protector for the display rather than plastic, no doubt in a bid to bolster its environmental credentials. Either way, compared to nearly every iPhone before it, the iPhone 12 box is markedly different.

The iPhone 12 itself is also pretty different too; it has more angular sides than the iPhone 11, making it look closer to the iPhone 4’s design, just with an iPhone X-era twist. Beyond this, everything else is pretty much as you’d expect – save for the inclusion of 5G and OLED displays on all models.

Should you get the iPhone 12? It’s a tough one to call – as noted inside our Is The iPhone 12 Worth It post. I’ve just started testing the Pixel 5, after using the Pixel 4a for a month or two, and I am now torn between keeping the Pixel 5 or moving to an iPhone 12 Pro Max model.

I like what Apple has done with the iPhone 12. I like that it features a new, insanely powerful A14 chipset, and I really like the sound of what Apple has done with the iPhone 12’s camera – it’s improved in nearly all areas on all the models in the range, though most notably inside the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Interested in an iPhone 12? Check out all the latest iPhone 12 deals inside our UK mobile phone deals page – there are thousands of options to choose from. And the prices are pretty incredible, way lower than I thought they’d be…

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