The Blackmagic Camera app is now available on the Google Play Store for select Android phones – but does your phone support it? Let’s find out…


Blackmagic Camera Has Bumpy Landing on Android

  • Blackmagic Camera app now available on Android
  • Offers professional filmmaking features on smartphones
  • Includes cinematic modes, adjustable settings, and advanced editing tools
  • Limited to select Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel models
  • Users report installation issues and unclear Android version requirements
  • Launch criticized for restricted device support

The Blackmagic Camera app has been, up until this week, exclusively available for iPhone. But all that changes this week with the debut of Blackmagic Camera inside Google’s Play Store.

The app brings “Hollywood-style” film making capabilities to your phone, adding in an array of features and editing tools designed to transform your creations.

From things like Cinematic Mode to adjustable settings for frame rate, shutter angle, and white balance, Blackmagic Camera brings a whole load of useful tools that quite a lot of phones – Android or otherwise – might be missing.

Blackmagic Camera Features

  • Professional Controls: Adjustable settings include frame rate, shutter angle, white balance, and ISO, all accessible with a single tap.
  • Cinematic Look: Users can achieve the same visual quality as Hollywood feature films directly from their smartphones.
  • High-Resolution Recording: Supports recording up to 8K resolution, depending on the phone’s capabilities.
  • Blackmagic Cloud Integration: Allows direct recording to Blackmagic Cloud, enabling real-time collaboration with editors worldwide.
  • Advanced HUD (Heads-Up Display): Includes histogram, focus peaking, audio levels, and frame guides for precise shot composition.
  • Multiple Lens Support: Utilizes various lenses available on smartphones, from wide-angle to telephoto.
  • Professional Audio: Supports external microphones and offers advanced audio controls.
  • Color Grading: Incorporates 3D LUTs for on-set color previews.
  • Metadata Entry: Allows for easy sorting and processing of footage in post-production.
  • Multicam Editing Support: Features like timecode sync facilitate easier multi-camera productions.
  • Built-in Chat: Enables communication with other team members directly within the app.

Availability and Support

Blackmagic Camera is now available for download inside the Google Play Store. The app itself is free but it is only supported on the following Android phones: 

Samsung Galaxy S23, S23FE, S23+, S23 Ultra

  • Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+, S24 Ultra
  • Google Pixel 7, 7a, 7 Pro, 8, 8 Pro

Bizarrely, there is no support for the Pixel 8a or older Pixel phones like the Pixel 6 series. You’ll also notice that there’s no support for OnePlus, Nothing, Sony, or pretty much any other Android phone maker which isn’t ideal.

You’ll also need Android 13 to run the app, according to Blackmagic Designs, the company behind the app, although multiple users are reporting issues with installing the app and getting it running, leading to speculation that it may only work on Android 14.

As releases go, this one has been kind of messy and support isn’t brilliant. Limiting the number of supported devices to just Google and Samsung phones is an odd choice, as is the insistence that phones must be running Android 13 – or, maybe, Android 14.

Did you manage to get it running on your phone? Let us know below!

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