If you think 85 inches is big, wait until you see the size of the world’s biggest 4K TV and its aptly gigantic price tag!

Not so long ago, 4K TVs were rare. Nowadays, they’re the norm – most people tend to have them. Sizes vary, of course, with the general consensus being that anything between 45 inches and 55 inches is about right for most living rooms.

You can buy much larger TVs, of course – Samsung and Sony both do 75in units, and even larger if you wish. But most living rooms cannot handle anything bigger than an 80in 4K TV.

Indeed, the most popular TV sizes in the UK right now are 32”, 43”, 55”, and 65”, according to Samsung. Although the electronics giant is starting to notice more and more 75in and 85in TVs being sold via its web store.

Regardless of what size TV you have, whether it be large or small, it will be dwarfed by the world’s biggest, fully functional 4K TV…

The World’s Biggest 4K TV

As of right now, the biggest 4K TV in the world is the C Seed 262 and, as its branding suggests, its screen measures in at a whopping 262in – or, if you prefer, 6.65 meters. To put that into context, most UK living rooms are only 4.8 meters x 4.8 meters, so, yeah, you’d struggle to get the C Seed 262 installed in your house.

This Is The Biggest 4K TV In The World – It’s Ridiculous…Pin

Not that the size of the C Seed 262 is its main problem. You’ll first need to negotiate its insanely large price tag. The C Seed 262 retails for over £500,000 making it not just the world’s biggest TV, but also the most expensive too. And that fee doesn’t include the installation either.

The C Seed 262 weighs in at 800KG, so it is very, very heavy – heavier than a Formula 1 race car. But that’s not surprising given that it packs in a raft of tech and a huge array of over 7 million light emitting diodes (LEDs), as well as a motorized custom fabric that rolls down to hide the screen when it’s not in use.

C Seed 262 Resolution & Specifications

  • Brightness: 800nits
  • Pixel Pitch: 1.5 mm
  • Pixel resolution: 4,096 (width) x 1,716 (height)
  • Display aspect ratio: 2.39:1 (1024:429)
  • Format: DCI 4K (CinemaScope cropped)
  • Number of SMD LEDs: 7,028,736
  • Processing depth: 281 trillion colors
  • Refresh rate: 2,880 Hz
  • Lifespan: 100,000 h
  • Broadband speaker peak out: 6 x 250 W

We know how much it costs, but what kind of spec do you get with the C Seed 262? As for its resolution, you’re looking at 4096×1716 pixels (so, not technically 4K resolution) with 800 nits of brightness and it has a contrast ratio of 5000:1.

With respect to sound, the C Seed 262 comes with built-in surround sound speakers, although details of the TV’s actual specs in this department are pretty vague, the company behind the TV says that it is cinema surround experience-grade.

Can You Buy The C Seed 262?

The C Seed 262 has been around since about 2017 but, so far, it has been next to impossible to buy one. I mean, you could potentially reach out to the Australian company that developed it and see if they can hook you up, but you’re not likely to find one in Curry’s any time soon.

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