Big UI overhaul coming to BlackBerry OS 6.1


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RIM has confirmed that it is making some ‘major upgrades’ to its mobile operating system and that we can expect big things from BlackBerry OS 6.1, which is poised for a release in the spring.

RIM unleashed BlackBerry OS 6 alongside its BlackBerry Torch 9800 mid-way through last year and while initial reviews were pretty lukewarm, a lot of users have certainly warmed to the device and its RIM’s re-vamped operating system.

Hopefully though, BlackBerry OS 6.1 will fill in the blanks that were present on OS 6 and bring BlackBerry more inline with its competition – Android and iOS.

The news of the overhaul comes via Tracy and Matt who received the good news via a contact within BlackBerry.

All in all, it’s difficult to predict what RIM will bring to the table with OS 6.1. NFC is certainly a possibility, as is some kind of DLNA service – both are hot topics now.

Having said that, RIM is never one to pander to the whim of the masses. So while we’re genuinely excited about the upgrade, we’re going to put a dampener on our optimism until we’ve seen the finished goods.

What’s more exciting though is the prospect of a new flagship BlackBerry handset, which RIM will presumably use to showcase its new operating system.

Further down the RIM road map, we expect QNX-powered devices to hit the market, which will see RIM begin to bring all of its products – smartphones and tablets – under one unified roof.

Couple this with the fact that RIM’s QNX-powered PlayBook can run Android applications and it’s beginning to look quite exciting in the BlackBerry camp.

We’ll pass on more information regarding BlackBerry OS 6.1 as and when we get it.


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