8 EPIC iPhone 11 Wallet Cases That Protect & Store (Cards)…

Wallet cases are great. They protect your iPhone and store your credit cards. And here’s 8 of the best iPhone 11 wallet cases you can buy right now…

If you’re using an iPhone, you kind of need a good quality phone case. As good-looking as Apple’s iPhones are, they’re super fragile. One accidental drop is enough to crack the chassis or the screen – or, worse, both!

For this reason, it is always advisable to use a case for your iPhone 11. But why not kill two birds with one stone?

Protect your iPhone 11 AND get rid of your wallet?

That’d be cool, right? Well, this is where iPhone 11 wallet cases come into play.

Here’s 8 of my current favorite iPhone 11 wallet cases that I have had the pleasure of testing over the past 18 months or so…

Best iPhone 11 Wallet Cases

CASE NAMEHow Many Cards Does It Hold?Price
Nomad Rugged Folio6 x Credit Cards + Cash$69.95
OtterBox Strada Series2 x Credit Cards$29.95
Spigen Slim Armor CS Wallet Case2 x Credit Cards$16.99
Bellroy 3 Card Case3 x Credit Cards$60
Mujjo Leather Wallet Case2 – 3 x Credit Cards$54.95
Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Series3 x Credit Cards$39.95
Pad & Quill Bella Fino Case4 x Cards + Cash + Pictures $34.95
Lopie Slim Card Case2 x Credit Cards$18.95
A Quick Overview of Our #1 Picks For The Best iPhone 11 Wallet Cases

1) Nomad Rugged Folio

8 EPIC iPhone 11 Wallet Cases That Protect & Store (Cards)…Pin

Who doesn’t love a good folio case? If you’re anything like me, you’ll like your folio cases premium and finished in leather. And this is exactly what the Nomad Rugged Folio case for the iPhone 11 does.

Finished in Horween leather, the Nomad Rugged Folio has enough space inside it to store six credit cards and a bit of cash too. But the main thing about this case is how it looks – it’s just beautiful. If you want to class up your iPhone 11, this is the #1 way to do it.


2) OtterBox Strada Series

8 EPIC iPhone 11 Wallet Cases That Protect & Store (Cards)…Pin

Otterbox makes some killer iPhone 11 cases. The Strada Series featured inside our guide to the Best Otterbox iPhone 11 cases and the reason for this is simple: it’s a beautifully designed, well-priced wallet case that not only looks badass but will also hold a couple of your most important cards inside it.

The only downside to the OtterBox Strada Series is that it cannot hold quite as many cards as the Nomad Rugged Folio – it will only support two and there’s no room for any of your cash, so it might not be able to replace your wallet.


3) Spigen Slim Armor CS Wallet Case

8 EPIC iPhone 11 Wallet Cases That Protect & Store (Cards)…Pin

If you want superior protection from drops for your iPhone 11, as well as the ability to store a couple of credit cards, the Spigen Slim Armor CS wallet case for the iPhone 11 is one of the best options we’ve tested to date.

Available in several color options, the Spigen Slim Armor CS is more focussed on protection that luxury design. It still looks great, but it is more about robustness than beauty. It has a secret compartment too that’ll store two credit cards. I’m a big fan of this case.


4) Bellroy 3 Card Case

8 EPIC iPhone 11 Wallet Cases That Protect & Store (Cards)…Pin

Bellroy might not be the most well known iPhone case brand, but its Bellroy 3 Card Case for the iPhone 11 impressed us no end. Featuring a flex polymer shell, the Bellroy 3 Card case provides excellent protection from drops and it feels great in the hand too with plenty of grip.

The case features a fairly unique card storage system too, whereby you lift up a magnetic flap to reveal a cavity for your cards. Side bonus: this flap also doubles as a stand for your phone which is great if you watch a lot of content on your commute. If you want something simple and useful, this is the one to go for.


5) Mujjo Leather Wallet Case

8 EPIC iPhone 11 Wallet Cases That Protect & Store (Cards)…Pin

Ah Mujjo! As companies go, there aren’t too many as good as Mujjo, and its Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone 11 is positively awesome. Made entirely from leather, the case changes over time – the leather gets a unique patina as it weathers, giving the case a completely unique look.

The case, which isn’t a folio design, features enough room for two or three cards. No cash, sadly. But who uses cash anymore, right? You get excellent drop protection too and this is one of the thinnest, sleekest wallet cases on this list. Another classic case from Mujjo.


6) Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Series

8 EPIC iPhone 11 Wallet Cases That Protect & Store (Cards)…Pin

Designed to meet military-standards of protection, and looking rather like a cop in riot gear, the Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Series for the iPhone 11 is perhaps the most robust option on this list. It can take a thorough whoppin’ and will keep your iPhone nice and safe.

But that’s not all it can do. The Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Series will also fit three credit cards inside it and it also has a retractable stand that keeps your iPhone 11 propped up for extended movie watching sessions while on a plane or a train. Get this case if you want a mean-looking aesthetic for your iPhone.


7) Pad & Quill Bella Fino Case

8 EPIC iPhone 11 Wallet Cases That Protect & Store (Cards)…Pin

OK, this one is a bit unique. The Bella Fino case for the iPhone 11 from Pad & Quill is made entirely from American leather. It can fit several cards inside it and it even has room for a picture and some cash. Basically, it can (and will) replace your wallet.

This is a folio case too, so once it is closed it protects both the front and back of your iPhone 11. Side bonus: when it is closed, it looks like a traditional diary or journal, thanks to its good-looking elastic strap. If you’re a fan of folio designs and you like premium-grade materials, this is the case for you.


8) Lopie Slim Card Case

8 EPIC iPhone 11 Wallet Cases That Protect & Store (Cards)…Pin

Made from a range of materials, including leather, fabric and polymers, the Lopie Slim Card Case is designed to be slim, sleek, and basically just get out of the way. It looks beautiful, though, with its eye-catching compartment and colored accents that really make the entire case design pop.

The Lopie Slim Card Case will comfortably carry two credit cards. In this respect, it cannot replace your wallet like the Bella Fino case. But if you just need something basic that stores a couple of cards and to protect your iPhone 11 from drops, this is a great option at a great price.

Wrapping Up – What’s The Best iPhone 11 Wallet Case?

best iphone 11 wallet casesPin

Wrapping up these types of posts is always really hard – not because it is difficult to pick a winner but because cases are so subjective. Like music, we all like different styles of cases. I’m a big fan of simple cases, for instance, so I really like the Lopie and Urban Armor Gear Metropolis case.

However, if you want a proper wallet replacement with your iPhone 11 case, the best option – from all of the above – is clearly Pad & Quill’s Bella Fino case as it holds several cards, plenty of cash, and even has a window where you can place pictures of your kids and/or loved ones.

If you want the most possible storage and an iPhone 11 wallet case that looks like a leather-clad journal or diary, this is probably the one to go for – it really does have room for everything inside it. And it will protect both the front and back of your iPhone 11 when it is closed.

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