Got an iPhone 11? Want to keep it looking pristine? Well, for that you’ll need to invest in a case. And right now these are the best iPhone 11 cases…

Getting the right iPhone case for your exact needs can be tricky. Do you want something simple, something expensive, or maybe even an iPhone wallet case?

Whatever you’re looking for, phone cases – like most things in life – are very subjective, so rather than list a bunch of random cases, this article will, instead, point you in the direction of the best iPhone case brands.

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If not, no worries! Read on for our #1 recommendations for iPhone 11 cases below.

The #1 Top-Rated iPhone 11 Cases

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A Quick Overview of The Best iPhone 11 Case Brands – These Are The Companies We Recommend The Most For 2021 & Beyond

Benefits of Using An iPhone Case

  • Protection – The main reason you use a case on your iPhone is to keep it safe. Even the most basic of iPhone cases will stop your iPhone’s chassis getting scratched and scuffed, so it is well worth getting on; even if it is just a cheap one, although we’d always recommend and more “upmarket” option from either LifeProof or Otterbox.
  • Makes You Money – If you look after your iPhone, when the time comes to sell it, either via something like Facebook Marketplace or a cellphone recycler like SellCell, you’ll get more money for it. An iPhone in good condition will ALWAYS fetch more money than one with scratches and scuffs.
  • Waterproofing – Most modern iPhones have an IP rating, but if you want total water protection (meaning both resistance and waterproofing), then a case like the LIFEPROOF Fre is what you want to be looking at; this case is the most protective iPhone case on the market right now.
  • Storage – Another benefit of using a case is that you can ditch your wallet and store your cards and cash inside your iPhone’s case. When it comes to wallet cases for iPhone, you have plenty of options too. If you want to ditch your wallet and travel lighter, these types of cases are well worth a look.

The main benefit of using an iPhone case is simple: it protects your iPhone 11 from bumps and scratches, ensuring it looks brand new all year round.

If you want to sell your iPhone once your contract has expired, or when the new iPhone comes out, you NEED the phone to look its best in order to get the maximum resale value.

If the phone is scuffed, bumped, and scratched, you’ll lose money.

You need to think of using a case as in investment in your future, something that will work for you round the clock and ensure that, when the time comes to sell your iPhone, it will look and feel brand new, ensuring you the highest possible price when you sell it on.

Even if you’re using a refurbished iPhone XR, it doesn’t matter – looking after your iPhone with a case should #1 on your list of priorities.

Another reason? Cracked screens and smashes, especially on newer iPhones like the iPhone 11 are tricky (and expensive) to fix.

The iPhone 11 is a delicately realized product, a single drop from hip-height is enough to smash the display and crack or fracture the chassis. If this happens, and you don’t have coverage, you’re looking at an expensive repair bill – often $200-$300!

So, yeah… it pays to use a case. In more ways than one!

Don’t worry about an iPhone 11 case spoiling the look and feel of your iPhone either; all the cases we recommend look totally badass, and will actually accentuate the styling of your phone as well as protect it.

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If you like seriously cool-looking, premium cases then you should 100% check out Casetify; it makes a range of premium, eye-catching iPhone cases that not only look amazing but it will also protect your iPhone from drops from high heights.

Cheaper iPhone cases often lack style and safety features. For this reason, it pays to invest in a quality iPhone 11 case like the ones listed above.

You paid A LOT for the iPhone 11, so you might as well invest in a decent case.

Otherwise, it’d be like buying an expensive car and then NEVER servicing it – it’s only going to cause you issues in the long run and, in most cases, result in a more expensive incident further down the line.

Are Cheaper Phone Cases Good For Protection?

Some are, sure. But most aren’t fit for purpose. In order to get the maximum protection for your iPhone 11, you’re 100% best off sticking with established, trusted brands.

We have over 12 years of experience dealing with phones and keeping them safe. I’ve used thousands of phone cases in my time, either through personal use or testing, so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to phone cases.

The ONLY reason you use a case is to protect your phone. This is the #1 most important thing.

Additional features like the ability to store cards and charge your phone are secondary.

When it comes to a case, safety comes first – features and add-ons come later. And don’t go thinking you need a FULL case for your phone.

Most of the cases listed above will act as screen protectors by nature of their design.

What About Screen Protectors?

Screen protectors stop your phone’s display from getting scratched. They do serve a purpose, but I have never used one.

Why? I hate the way they look; I hate that plastic coating on my phone’s front. It just cheapens the entire experience of using an expensive phone like the iPhone 11.

I’d much rather just use a premium iPhone case that has built-in protection for the display like the majority of cases listed in the table at the top of this post.

Some people like folio iPhone cases; you know, those cases that wrap around the entire phone. These are great options for anyone looking to protect their phone, cover its display, and have some internal storage for credit cards. I’ve included a couple of folio options in the table, as I know plenty of users prefer these.

Me personally? I’m not a fan. But each to their own, right?

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