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The iPad 2 is released in the UK today and with so many people queuing to get their grubby mitts on one, we thought we would try and reward your hard work/insanity by pointing you in the direction of some pretty cool apps that you should get involved with.

Some are free, some aren’t but when you’ve just spent all that money on an iPad a few more of your hard-earned pennies won’t go amiss.

Enjoy our iPad 2-related app-ocalypse.

Infinity Blade
Infinity Blade is the kind of game where the iPad 2 can really show off its hardcore hardware skills. The original Infinity Blade was already what you would expect from a console game – with sales figures to match, but the iPad 2 optimisation makes it even better.  Never before has slashing a sword with a swipe of your finger been so much fun.

The new Apple A5 processor ensures an overall smoother experience and even more amazing graphics than in the original. Infinity Blade has already earned widespread acclaim for developers Chair Entertainment and Epic Games, and the way this beauty runs on iPad 2 will not cause this to cease.

If you want one word to sum up this version, look no further than the surname of Donald and Geremy, the founders of Chair Entertainment.

Real Racing 2 HD
The first of two driving games in our list of recommendations, Real Racing 2 HD is another game to show off the new capabilities of the iPad 2.

Back on the US launch date of the iPad we listed some games that we felt were begging for an iPad 2 upgrade, and we haven’t been disappointed.

Extra details like window reflections coming back at you from behind the wheel add that little bit more to the whole experience, and better handling and steering from the gyroscope make sure that the general game play improves too.

Zite is a new app for the iPad, available just a couple of days before the US release of the iPad 2, so it would certainly seem that the people behind Zite are hoping to capitalise on new and excited owners.

What you get from Zite is a personalised (and free) magazine based on what you tweet and like to read about.

What’s more, Zite learns more and more as you use it. It will pick up on what floats your boat and bring you more of the same. Always struggled to find a magazine on farming, mobile phones and embroidery in one place? Look no further, Zite will provide without judgement.

All you prospective musicians out there can rejoice now that GarageBand has come to the iPad.

It may not be a new feature to Apple fanbois given that it has been around on Macs since 2005, but that’s no reason not to be excited about the iPad version.

You can write and record songs using instruments that you’ve never actually touched before, add some loops and pretend you’re a pro.

Alternatively, if you are more than just a dreamer, plug your real guitar in and use the different effects to create different sounds and piece together a song.

The next stage then is to export it to iTunes and play it to everyone in the hope they can offer you a record deal.

Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD
Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD is the second driving game to get the iPad 2 treatment along with Real Racing 2 HD, and has received similar tweaks as well.

Better, more detailed graphics are included, leading to even more immersive game play, and the Apple A5 processor helps the speed too. 

Asphalt is one of the most recognisable games across all mobile platforms, and this version will help to cement that reputation.

Whether you prefer a behind the car or behind the wheel point of view, the iPad 2 certainly delivers an improved driving game experience courtesy of Real Racing and Asphalt.

Dead Space
In a similar vein to the other games in this list, the iPad 2 optimisation for Dead Space is very much based on improved graphics and speed, thanks to that A5 processor again.  This means you can shoot all the “Necromorphs” you can find in full glorious detail.

This is perhaps not surprising when you consider that Apple estimates that the iPad 2 is nine times as powerful as the original iPad – although benchmarking has revealed that figure to actually be more like seven.

Like GarageBand, another Mac favourite in iMovie has arrived on the iPad 2. 

With videos captured from the iPad or imported from elsewhere, you can edit them to create Scorsese-esque (or not) masterpieces complete with soundtrack

The multi-touch interface allows for precision editing so you can get the exact finished article you desire.

The release of iMovie and GarageBand for the iPad highlights the transition from portable device into portable computer.  What was once Mac-only is now available on the iPad, thanks to the power it has under its hood.


Given the much publicised new cameras on the iPad 2, it is unsurprising that new camera-based apps are available.

IncrediBooth tries to recreate the same experience that you have at a real photo booth. Thankfully with IncrediBooth, however, there is no need to start frantically spinning the stool so that your head fits in the oval on the screen in time.  Nor is there a ten-minute wait outside to get your pictures either.

Instead, just hold the iPad up in front of you, press the snap button and your photos will be available in significantly less time than in a real life photo booth situation.

If you’re feeling brave enough you can then upload onto Facebook, although if you’ve had a truly “realistic” photo booth experience then the last thing you will want to do is share the resultant photos.

Sky News
Another new app designed to capitalise on the release of the iPad 2 is from Sky News. The app is free at the moment, although only for a limited period so get on it quick.

The app offers a timeline of events, top stories and live video feeds. Find out the background of current stories, rewind live feeds to the beginning and go straight to breaking news stories. The stories you choose to read will come to life with extra details like galleries, graphics and charts too.

Wherever you are you’ll certainly be kept right up to date with all that is going on around the world.

WebEx is another camera-based app, although this one is for video conferencing rather than photo capturing.

It allows conferencing with multiple participants, and allows you to see material shared from participants’ computers, so you can see what others are talking about or view presentations.

This is very much aimed at the business market given that WebEx is part of Cisco, and shows just why Apple could never have even considered leaving out the dual cameras.

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