The limited-edition Barely Blue Pixel 4a is now available via the Google Play Store – but for how long?

The Google Pixel 4a is one of the best Android phones you can buy right now. It’s cheap, it has amazing battery life, the camera is brilliant, and it looks and feels way more premium than the Pixel 3a.

And now you have another color option to choose from – Barely Blue. Google is now selling the limited edition Barely Blue Pixel 4a inside the Google Play Store. The only question we have now is how long will it be available for?

Google Pixel 4a Colors

At launch, Google only sold the Pixel 4a in one color – black. The Barely Blue Pixel 4a retails for the same price as the standard black model ($349) but, thanks to its off-pastel chassis, it actually looks really different from the black model.

The Barely Blue Pixel 5a comes with an orange power key that really pops on the off-blue chassis. The camera module is black, as usual, and the front of the device has a black bezel surrounding its OLED display.

Barely Blue Pixel 4aPin

The color choice, reminiscent of the Pixel 3a’s Purple-ish color scheme, marks a similar pattern in how Google randomly introduces new color options for its Pixel phones. Last year, we got the limited edition Oh So Orange color option for the Pixel 4.

There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to how Google plans these new colors. They just kind of appear and disappear from the store. I guess it’s a good marketing tactic that keeps people interested in its handsets year-round.

For instance, if you like the idea of the Pixel 4a – and you should, it’s a bloody great phone – but you don’t want a black phone, the addition of a new color option might coax you into pulling the trigger on a purchase via Google Play.

One thing we do know about Google’s random color updates, however, is that they don’t hang around for long: once the handset is sold out, it’s usually gone for good – or a good few months.

For this reason, if you’re keen on picking up the Pixel 4a in Barely Blue, you’re best off acting sooner rather than later – the phone will almost certainly sell out within a few days (maybe sooner).

How Much Does The Barely Blue Pixel 4a Cost?

Inside the Google Play Store, you have three options for buying the Barely Blue Pixel 4a. The price is $349 unlocked (or $14.54 per month on finance). You can get it via Google Fi (unlocked for $349 or from $14.54 per month), or, finally, via Verizon where you can save $149 once you sign up. Or, if you’re in the UK, you can browse thousands of deals for the Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, and Pixel 4a 5G right here.