It’s been 10 years since the first Apple Watch debuted, and that can only mean one thing: it’s TIME for the Apple Watch X… 

Word on the street suggests Apple has some big plans for its 2024 Apple Watch lineup. According to sources we could be looking at A) some new branding and B) some impressive new biometric abilities (like the ability to measure blood pressure). 

Despite the fact its release is still quite a ways off, there’s rather a lot of leaks about the Apple Watch X and its new (alleged) features and abilities.

To save you trawling the web to find out what’s cooking with 2024’s Apple Watch update, here’s a breakdown of its 11 most significant rumoured upgrades… 

Apple Watch X New Features (Rumors)

Apple Watch XPin

Supersized Display

At 2 inches, the Apple Watch X is said to feature the largest display seen on an Apple Watch yet, meaning more room and better visibility for things like messages and your health metrics.

Whether you’re checking your messages, tracking your fitness, or simply telling the time, the expansive screen enhances readability and usability. This improvement ensures that notifications, apps, and widgets are displayed more clearly, providing a better user experience overall.

Sleeker Profile

Despite the larger display, the new Apple Watch is rumored to be thinner, combining style and comfort in one sleek package.

The thinner profile not only enhances the watch’s aesthetics but also makes it more comfortable to wear throughout the day and night.

This design evolution maintains the sophisticated look of previous models while offering a lighter and more ergonomic fit, making it an ideal accessory for both casual and formal occasions.

Goldilocks Size

The new model strikes a balance in size, being bigger than the Series 9 but smaller than the Ultra.

This “just right” size could be perfect for many wrists, providing a comfortable fit without compromising on screen real estate. It offers the best of both worlds – the larger screen for better visibility and the compactness for ease of wear.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

One of the most exciting rumored features is blood pressure monitoring, allowing you to keep tabs on your cardiovascular health right from your wrist.

This feature could be a world-shaking, providing continuous and non-invasive blood pressure readings, which would make the life of tens of millions of people a lot easier.

(Measuring your blood pressure at home is NOT fun and it is NOT quick).

If this feature turns out to be true, it’ll help those that suffer from blood pressure issues keep track of their levels throughout the day – not just in the morning or evening, when it is usually measured.

This constant monitoring could help users discover triggers or things that cause spikes in blood pressure. As features go for the new Apple Watch, this is the big one. Make no mistake.

Sleep Apnea Detection

Sleep apnea is a common but often undiagnosed condition, and the Apple Watch X could play a crucial role in identifying it.

With potential sleep apnea detection capabilities, the watch can monitor your breathing patterns while you sleep, alerting you to irregularities that may indicate sleep apnea.

The only issue here is that Apple Watch requires charging overnight, so to really make this feature work Apple would need to deliver some pretty significant gains in Apple Watch X’s battery performance.

And given the sheer amount of new tech inside Apple Watch X, I do not see that happening – more tech means more processing which means more power usage.

10th Anniversary Special

To commemorate a decade of Apple’s wearable tech, the new model might be named “Apple Watch X.” Or, Apple could be boring and simply called it the Apple Watch Series X.

Personally, I don’t see it missing a chance to bring back its X branding, especially if it has nailed the blood pressure monitoring feature because that will be a HUGE deal.

Magnetic Band System

A rumored new magnetic band system could revolutionize how you attach and swap bands.

This system would make it easier to change bands on the go, allowing for quick style changes without the hassle of traditional clasps.

It also opens the door to innovative band designs and functionalities, adding another layer of customization and personalization to the Apple Watch experience.

Familiar Yet Fresh Design

While the new Apple Watch will likely keep the beloved Digital Crown and Side button, it’s expected to push boundaries elsewhere.

This familiar yet fresh design approach ensures that users retain the intuitive controls they love while enjoying new design enhancements.

This blend of old and new could make the watch both recognizable and exciting, appealing to long-time users and new customers alike.

Cutting-Edge Health Tech

Building on Apple’s reputation for advanced health features, the new Apple Watch is expected to include state-of-the-art health monitoring technologies.

These could range from enhanced heart rate sensors to new metrics for tracking fitness and wellness.

Apple continues to prioritize health innovations, ensuring that their wearable devices are not just smart but also vital tools for maintaining and improving health.

Potential Performance Boost

New designs often come with improved processors and battery life, and the upcoming Apple Watch is no exception.

Users can expect faster performance, more efficient power usage, and potentially longer battery life. This performance boost ensures that the watch runs smoothly, handles more demanding apps, and stays powered throughout the day.

Whether you’re using it for workouts, notifications, or health monitoring, the improved performance will enhance your overall experience.

Apple Watch X Could Be A Massive Upgrade

Whether you’re due for an upgrade or have been waiting to jump into the Apple Watch ecosystem, this could be the model to watch.

If even a few of these rumored features turn out to be true, it’d be a huge deal both for existing Apple Watch users and those that have yet to enter the watchOS-powered world of Apple Watch. 

Think about it: how many people do you think have to monitor their blood pressure on a daily basis? 10 million? 20 million? 100 million? A billion? It’s a huge number and this alone would make a massive impact to Apple’s bottomline in 2024 and beyond. 

Of course, for this “landmark” feature to be adopted en masse, it’d have to accurate and deliver reliable data. That’ll mean testing, vetting by medical associations, and a huge leap forwards in engineering. But if Apple can pull it off, it’ll give Apple Watch a huge edge of the competition. 

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