Apple’s iPhone 5 release delayed, software issues to blame


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The Apple iPhone 5’s release date will be delayed, says Morgan Stanley analyst. The reason? Software.

Granted, there’s been no official nod from Apple on when we can actually expect the iPhone 5 but reports in this morning seem to suggest that it’ll now be later, rather than sooner.

The news comes via World of Apple who reports that Morgan Stanley analyst, Katy Huberty, met with a trio of Apple big cheeses – Peter Oppenheimer, Ron Johnson and Eddy Cue – to discuss possible delays in the iPhone 5’s release date.

Apparently, ‘Huberty was unable to squeeze any definitive answer out of Oppenheimer, Johnson or Cue, who were more willing to discuss iPhone penetration, as well as building larger and more retail stores’, says SoftPedia.

All the trio of Apple big cheeses wanted to talk about was market penetration and the opening of even more large scale Apple Stores.

However, Huberty did manage to glean some information from the Apple executives. According to Oppenheimer, Johnson and Cue, ‘Apple follows product cycles driven more by software, rather than hardware.’

Which has lead to many publications claiming that the issue with the iPhone 5 is a software one – could iOS 5 be causing Apple a few problems?

Who knows. But one thing is certainly for sure: Apple will want to get the new OS perfect before it’s released – iOS 5 is thought to be a big update. The one we’ve all been waiting for.

Expect more cloud integration and, we hope, some innovations to the UI on iOS 5. Live widgets would be a nice addition, as would more customisation options.

What’s more interesting though is that Huberty claims Apple will be releasing both an LTE iPhone and lower-priced 3G iPhone in 2012.

Nonetheless, iPhone lovers can still expect to see the new iPhone 5 in the coming months – we’d be very surprised if Apple delayed the release until 2012.

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