Apple iOS 13.6.1 Update Officially Rollin’ Out

By Rochelle Royal •  Updated: 08/13/20 •  3 min read

iOS 13.6.1 released on August 13, 2020

Apple publishes software updates for its iOS/iPadOS operating system at regular intervals and has now made version 13.6.1 available for iPhone and iPad.

With version 13.6.1, Apple has brought its last smaller update for its iPhones and iPads, before iOS 14 will be rolled out in autumn The public beta of which has recently been made available for download.

iOS 13.6.1 is now available for free to all OS devices using the “Software update” function in the “Settings/General” menu. The operating system brings long-awaited features to iOS devices.

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iOS 13.6.1: Apple Fixes These Errors

With iOS 13.6, the settings in the automatic system updates were split into two parts and now allow iOS users to automatically download and install iOS updates.

iOS updates can be downloaded automatically, provided the device is connected to the Internet via WLAN. According to Apple, the device must also be supplied with power so that the automatic installation can take place overnight.

Further changes can be found in the health app: There is a new item “Symptoms”, under which health complaints such as abdominal pain, cough or headache including severity and date can be stored.

iOS 13.6: Configure The iPhone As A Car Key

With iOS 13.6, drivers can also look forward to the new “CarKey” function, which compatible vehicles can be unlocked, locked and started by holding the iPhone to the door handle or placing it in the smartphone holder. In the preset “Express Mode”, the iPhone doesn’t even have to be unlocked before you can open the door or start the car.

At the start, the feature is reserved exclusively for BMW drivers who have booked the BMW comfort access option (option 322). The “BMW Connected” app, which is also required, has been prepared accordingly.

Practical: Vehicle owners can share digital access to the car for up to five friends; the easiest way is to share the digital key via an iMessage message. The digital car key can also be used via the Apple Watch.

iPhones Compatible With iOS 13.6.1:


iPod Touch:

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