Apple has announced its higher education deals for 2024, offering substantial savings on iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro

The promotion, which kicked off today and runs through October 21st, 2024, presents a golden opportunity for those in academia to acquire Apple’s cutting-edge technology at reduced prices.

The cornerstone of this year’s education offer is a combination of discounted pricing on popular Mac and iPad models, coupled with Apple gift cards and additional perks.

Apple’s Higher Education Discount Deals

MacBook Air:

  • Starting price: £899 with education discount
  • Gift card value: £120
  • The lightweight and powerful MacBook Air continues to be a favorite among students, now more accessible than ever.

MacBook Pro:

  • Starting price: £1,589 with education pricing
  • Gift card value: £120
  • For those needing more computing power, the MacBook Pro offers professional-grade performance at a reduced education price.

iPad Pro:

  • Starting price: £899 with education savings
  • Gift card value: £80
  • Apple’s most advanced tablet, ideal for digital art, design, and intensive computational tasks.

iPad Air:

  • Starting price: £549 for education customers
  • Gift card value: £80
  • A versatile option balancing performance and portability at a more affordable price point.

You Can Also Save 20% on AppleCare+ (And The Bolted-On Gift Cards Can Be Used For Things Like Apple Music And Apple TV+)

In addition to these device-specific deals, Apple is offering a significant 20% discount on AppleCare+, its extended warranty and technical support program. This added benefit provides students and educators with long-term protection for their investments at a reduced cost.

The gift cards included with each purchase can be used for future Apple purchases, including apps, subscriptions to services like Apple Music or Apple TV+, or even towards the cost of another device.

An Apple spokesperson commented on the promotion: “We’re committed to supporting education and empowering students and educators with the tools they need to succeed in today’s digital world. These offers make our most advanced technology more accessible to those in higher education.”

It’s worth noting that these education deals are exclusively available through the Apple Store and require verification of education status.

Eligible customers include college students, students accepted to college, parents buying for college students, and staff at all levels of education.
Industry analysts suggest that this aggressive pricing strategy is part of Apple’s broader push to increase its market share in the education sector, where it faces stiff competition from Chromebooks and Windows devices.

As the back-to-school season approaches, this promotion is expected to drive significant interest among students preparing for the upcoming academic year. However, with the offer set to expire on October 21st, 2024, those interested are encouraged to act swiftly to take advantage of these substantial savings.

For full details on eligibility and terms and conditions, customers are advised to visit Apple’s official education store.

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