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Our belated App of the Month for February goes to on Windows Phone 7.

We’ve only recently succumbed to its charms, and boy, are we glad we did., previously free on all platforms, is now exclusively free on Windows Phone 7, even without an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

The beauty of is it gets around that annoying issue, which usually occurs when you walk into a music retailer. For weeks you’ve been keen to get some new beats, and now when faced with a massive selection of choice, your mind goes completely blank. combats the problem by cleverly letting you choose artists and songs you like, and from there it plays you music from similiar artists. Effectively, the app takes you on a musical journey.

When you start to listen to radio stations by new artists and favourite more and more songs, you end up with your own personalised library of music and you can return to it at any time.

Whilst it may not be a new app, represents a rarity in mobile: It’s a platform exclusive, and one that would cost you money on Android and iPhone.

If you are bored of your current music library and you have a Windows Phone smartphone, may well be the answer.

Our full review.

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