Angry Birds Rio officially released on iPad and iPhone


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The world’s most popular flightless bird game has been given the movie treatment, releasing on iPad and iPhone as Angry Birds Rio.

Angry Birds Rio, which is the work of Rovio Mobile, is based on the 20th Century Fox Brazillian-based animated film due for release later on this year.

If you haven’t been a part of the 100 million downloads of the game since its launch, the idea is to catapult birds, which can’t fly due to impractical wing-spans, towards green pigs that insist on stealing bird eggs and hiding within structures made of wood, glass and other materials.

The new update includes 60 new levels split over two episodes, new achievements to work towards, special hidden fruits and something we’re genuinely excited about, a true world first. Angry Birds Rio will feature a boss fight, of all things.

On that exciting note, it’s probably worth explaining what Rio is about. Created by the makers of the Ice Age trilogy, Rio stars a a domestic Macaw called Blu from Minnesota, who ends up meeting the bird of his dreams (sorry). Together, Blu and his new friend Jewel embark on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro.

The iPhone version will 59p, and the iPad £1.79 if you are more inclined to slay pigs in glorious HD.

Android users in the US can enjoy Angry Birds Rio as a free download from the Amazon Appstore. The UK and the rest of the world will have to wait patiently until Amazon announces whether or not it will be going worldwide.

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