Android 2.3 arriving on LG Optimus One in May


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LG has confirmed that its LG Optimus One handset will be getting upgraded to Android 2.3 (AKA: Gingerbread) in May.

LG did confirm way back in December that its entire Optimus line would be getting the Gingerbread treatment and, for once, a phone manufacturer seems to be keeping to its word.

First up for the Android 2.3 treatment is LG’s best selling Android device the LG Optimus One.

Here’s LG’s official line, according to Dial2Save:

‘Taking to Facebook, LG India revealed that Gingerbread is expected to hit the budget blower “by the end of May”, although added that “this information is subject to change and confirmation on the upgrade is yet awaited.’

Once Android 2.3 lands, Optimus One users will benefit from all the Gingerbread trimmings such as copy and paste, gaming and speed enhancements, and a boosted battery life.

We’ll keep you posted on any developments regarding this between now and May.


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