There has been a massive spike in Google searches about the death of Adam Sandler. Well, Adam Sandler isn’t dead. It was just some stupid rumor started by some random doink on TikTok

Every year, there is a fake story about a celebrity dying. This isn’t new. It happened to Paul McCartney in the 1960s. And that conspiracy theory is still going strong despite the fact that it was debunked more or less right away.

The latest celebrity death hoax concerns Adam Sandler. The rumor, as always, was started on social media – this time on TikTok. And the user that started it? Someone called Gio.yurr – and they’ve since gone on to apologise and claim it was nothing more than a “sick joke” gone wrong.

But because TikTok is, well, TikTok, thousands of users went crazy, never thinking for a moment to fact check what this random person was saying, and the waves quickly made their way onto the wider internet which, in turn, caused a huge spike in Google searches for “Adam Sandler Dead”.

Adam Sandler Isn’t DeadPin

Add in the fact that Bob Saget only recently passed away and, yeah, this wasn’t the classiest of moves to get some attention.

Why would anyone do this? I don’t know. Maybe for likes or follows – or for whatever type of validation metric you get on TikTok. Either way, this should be a lesson to everybody that was duped on the platform: if you hear something on social media, and it sounds crazy, chances are it is BUNK.

Lest we forget, half of the bonkers theories circulating on the web start off on social media channels like Facebook – the home of flat-earthers and anti-vaxxers – and TikTok.

Me? I’m probably too old to “get” TikTok. I stopped using Facebook years ago and ditched Instagram last year after Facebook ruined it with its new “suggested – meaning ads – posts”. Now I just use Reddit and not much else. It’s good; kind of like how the web used to be before Facebook took a stranglehold.

Add in the fact that MULTIPLE researchers and mental health experts have basically called social media one of the worst things to happen to humanity and it is easy to see why plenty of people are ditching these platforms altogether.

I think the best description of social media I’ve heard is this: social media is like KFC for your soul. It’s kind of good, in a way, but too much of it is detrimental to your overall well-being. I can’t remember who said it but whoever you are, I’d like to buy you a beer.