Windows Phone 7 LG Optimus 7 (E900) shots revealed


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Wanted to know what the LG Optimus 7, LG’s Windows Phone 7-powered smartphone was going to look like before Microsoft’s big unveiling on October the 11th? Well, now you can.

Thanks to a German website, pictures have been leaked of what looks to be like the finished device. The production values of the shot certainly suggests these are the real deal, which leaves little in the way of a surprise when it comes to the look of the LG Optimus 7, also known as the LG E900.

From what we can tell, the handset looks to have a five-megapixel camera, three buttons and a touch-screen display, and obviously Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows Phone 7 operating system. Other than that, we will have to wait and see.

Whether the photos are real or not, we doubt the LG Optimus 7 will be particularly different from what we can see here, which is fine by us.

Source: pocketlint


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