UK Models of LG V30 Now ROCKIN’ An Unlocked Bootloader


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LG has now confirmed that the H930 and H930G model variants of its seminal LG V30 handset now feature unlocked bootloaders, meaning users can install different software on them, replacing LG’s custom interface if they so wish.

This is pretty massive news, to be honest, and something I wish all Android phone makers would do, as it allows punters to not only extend the lifecycle of their phones but also customise the look and feel of the handset’s software, something Android is meant to be all about.

It’s also another MASSIVE reason to pick up the excellent LG V30, which is easily one of my favourite phones ever. 

With an Unlocked Bootloader, you’re free to install custom ROMs from the likes of CyanogenMod and boost the performance of your handset with new features and, most impotently, Android updates as soon as they land.

LG, like Samsung, is not great at getting Android updates out in a timely fashion. By allowing users of its phones to install custom ROMs on the phone, it kind of gets around this issue, so why more OEMs do not do this, I have no idea.

This only applies to certain models of the V30 series, however; you’ll need to check LG Developer’s bootloader unlock tool to see whether you’re V30 is supported. If you’re in the UK, however, chances are it will be. Ditto Europe and Italy.

Users in the USA, however, will likely not get access if you bought your V30 via a carrier. At least, not yet, anyway. Unlocked LG V30 handsets in the USA are, however, included, so if you’re rocking one of them you can now unlock the bootloader.

Here is a full list of the LG V30 variants that are featured in LG’s Unlocked Bootloader program:

  • LG V30: H930 for some European market and H930G (Italy only)
  • LG G6: US997.USA for the U.S. open market
  • LG G6: H870 for the European market
  • LG V20: US996.USA for the U.S. open market
  • LG V10: H960A for the European market and Android M (Except France)
  • LG G5 SE: H840 for the European market
  • LG G5: RS988.USA for the U.S. open market
  • LG G5: H850 for the European market
  • LG G4: H815 for the European market

You can now pick up this exceptional handset right now via Carphone Warehouse. 

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