T-Mobile confirms LG Optimus Pad release date for April


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The Android 3.0-powered LG Optimus Pad is coming to T-Mobile in April – so you better start forming an orderly queue now.

According to reports, the LG Optimus Pad will be arriving at T-Mobile on April 20. Pre-orders are expected to open well before this date though.

Specs wise, the LG Optimus Pad features a 5-megapixel 3D shooter round, 2-megapixel on the front, a 8.9-inch display, 32GB of on board memory, a 3.5mm jack, HDMI output, Android 3.0 and a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor.

You can also shoot 3D video on the Optimus Pad and export it at 1080p quality.

We’re still yet to get our hands on the LG Optimus Pad, but judging by the spec and what we’ve heard, it’s easy to see why a lot of people are very excited about it hitting the UK.

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