Salling Clicker on the LG KU990 Viewty


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Salling Clicker has long been the ultimate wireless remote control for your PC or Mac computer. And it’s not even a piece of hardware. It’s a software application for your computer and mobile phone that allows you to control your PC remotely by using your handset.

However Salling Clicker is not officially supported on the LH KU990 Viewty – even though it runs as a standard Java application.

But we’ve discovered that you can download it and make it work on your LG KU990 – even if all the features aren’t fully functional.

But first a brief recap on what makes Salling Clicker such a useful and clever – not to mention downright cool – piece of software. In a nutshell, it turns your mobile phone into a sophisticated remote control for your computer – a remote that comes with its own built-in display.

The software takes advantage of the Viewty’s built-in Bluetooth to communicate with the computer – so unlike infrared remote controllers you don’t need line of sight between the two devices. (The latest version of Salling Clicker – 3.5 – can also use wifi to allow much longer range connections).

Why would you need a remote control, you might wonder? Well think about it. PCs are increasingly becoming the hub of multimedia entertainment in the home. And what use is an entertainment device without a remote control?

Salling Clicker lets you control iTunes and Windows Media Player (and a ton of other apps) remotely. While most other remote controls stop at a simple play/pause/select/volume, your mobile phone and its screen become a fully functional interactive controller.

So in iTunes, for example, you can browse by Artist, Album, Song to find the track you want – and all the information is squirted via Bluetooth from the computer to your Viewty’s screen.

You don’t even have to be able to see the computer. And while that track is playing, your LG KU990’s display will show you the track info including duration and even show you a thumbnail image of the cover art. Smart.

Sadly one feature that doesn’t work as advertised on the Viewty is the Search function – for some strange reason the handset won’t let you use the software keyboard in this mode. It’s annoying but no show stopper.

At the moment Clicker only offers limited support for Windows Media Center – essentially everything that you can access via Windows Media Player.

But the application is highly scriptable and Jonas Salling is working on fuller WMC functionality as I write. Apple Mac users will be glad to know that Front Row is supported in Clicker 3.5 – although you have to be able to see the Mac’s screen to use it.

Of course, Clicker is not just a music remote. It comes into its own with presentation software such as PowerPoint and Keynote as not only can you control the slides remotely you can also view slide notes on your LG KU990.

There are scripts for a raft of other applications – everything from photo software to email. Unfortunately the LG KU990 won’t support ‘phone events’ – features that recognize and respond to an event happening on the Viewty. For instance, automatically muting the music that’s playing when there’s an incoming call and restoring the volume when the call is over.

In short, even though it costs $23.95 and has some features missing, Salling Clicker is a nigh-on essential purchase for anyone who owns a LG KU990 Viewty (or any of the other 300 supported phones).

In order to install it on your LG KU990 and your computer follow these instructions:

  1. On your PC or Mac launch a web browser, go to www.salling.com and download the latest version of Salling Clicker
  2. Install it onto your computer but do not use the application to transfer the software to your Viewty (you won’t find the Viewty listed anyway)
  3. On your LG KU990 Viewty, go to the main menu, click on Bluetooth and then select Paired devices. If your Viewty isn’t already paired with you computer click on the button at the bottom left of the screen, select Add new device and then follow the instructions that appear on the Viewty and your computer
  4. Once your Viewty and computer are paired, launch the browser on your handset and navigate to wap.salling.com
  5. Download and install the SallingClicker.jar file onto your LG KU990 Viewty. Then launch Salling Clicker and connect to your computer. The main menu should appear on your Viewty’s display listing the applications and functions you can control remotely

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