NO LG Nexus In 2016: Perhaps HTC or Sony Will Get A Shot Now?


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We’ve heard a few rumours already about which Android OEMs will be joining Google to make the 2016 batch of Nexus devices – and we’ve even heard that, in the longer term, Google is planning to move things in-house anyway. However, Nexus devices produced by LG have proven so popular so consistently, that many fans hope the firm comes back year-on-year.

According to the latest info, LG will not be contributing to the Nexus program in 2016, according to comments made by an LG spokesperson speaking to CNET at Mobile World Congress. The unnamed spokesperson said that LG is “totally happy,” with its relationship with Google and collaborative work on the Nexus series, but that for 2016 LG “needs to focus on its own brand.”

But here’s the thing – we’ve been here before, almost exactly. There have been years where LG has said before it will bow out of the Nexus project to focus on its own devices, sometimes that’s stuck, but more often LG has been telling tactical PR porkies, or perhaps more generously simply refusing to commit early on in the year. And then lo and behold, a few times it has turned out later that there was indeed an LG Nexus in the works.

Experience-based scepticism aside, for now it probably is worth taking LG’s word for it, as there is still precedent for it taking a break from its Google partnerships. And, what’s more, with rumours afoot of Google’s continued collaboration with Huawei, possible pairing with HTC, and the more important overriding rumour of Google taking the Nexus down the iPhone style in-house route in the not-too-distant future, it’s quite reasonable for LG to question the point of sticking around, especially when its own devices, such as the LG G5 (check out our first look), are getting so much praise and recognition.

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