LG To Introduce New Premium Handset Series Above LG G4?


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LG hasn’t released the LG G4 yet but according to persistent rumours it is going to appear fairly soon, however, the LG G4 may shortly no longer represent the very cream of the crop when it comes to LG smartphones; and this isn’t just rumour either, this comes straight from LG brass.

The Korea Herald has published an interview with LG’s mobile business chief Cho Jun-ho, who stated during conversation at MWC in Barcelona that the company is “planning to release a product that stands above the G series.”

“It will be launched during the second half of this year,” he added.

The report goes on to cite analyst comment suggesting the phone would retail above LG’s typical G flagship launch price of around $800 (US). The company plans that this new model will have higher-grade specs designed to compete with Samsung and Apple’s top tier models.

“We aim to have our smartphone sales grow 20 percent on-year in 2015,” said Cho, “If the popularity of the G2 and the G3 continues through the G4, we expect to grab a meaningful third-place presence.”

LG’s risen to a place of greater prominence in the last few years off the back of its LG G2 and LG G3 handsets, as well as teaming up with Google on the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 devices. The company clearly sees a ripe opportunity for building on these successes by introducing another device branch to compete directly with the Samsung Galaxy S series and Apple’s next iPhone. However, it will certainly have its work cut out with increasing competition from China with the likes of Xiomi, Huawei and Lenovo.

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