LG G4 Note Pictured For The First Time, Looks VERY Appealing


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Not too long ago an LG chief mentioned that the company is working on a new premium handset which will enter the company’s range above the forthcoming LG G4 flagship, but nothing else was disclosed about this mysterious device. Well, although it’s not confirmed to be the very same device, we’re now hearing reports of another high-end LG handset that may indeed fit the bill, a phablet dubbed the LG G4 Note,

The word comes via an article in the Korea Herald citing unnamed sources, it’s alleged this phablet will “give tough competition in the high-end large screen smartphone market dominated by Samsung and Apple,” that’s referring to the Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus, of course. The publication also adds that LG filed a patent for the phablet’s name in South Korea in February.

And now we’ve had our first look at what’s said to be an actual LG G4 Note out in the wild. The handset was leaked by an unnamed T-Mobile employee in the US, indicating network testing is now underway. The handset itself, as you can see, features premium build materials, hardly any bezel whatsoever, and a more shapely front chassis complete with fetching metallic trim. 



What’s unclear at present is when this handset will launch, as some reports have suggested a dual-launch inside Q2, where LG announces both handsets a la Apple’s new iPhone launch method –– one event, two handset launches. We do think the handset will run a stylus and this tells us, as does the name also, that LG is going after Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 in a big way during 2015/16. 

“Details regarding LG’s plans and devices for the remainder of 2015 have been sparse so far,” reports 9to5Google. “The company reportedly pushed back the launch of its G4 flagship from March to April due to increased competition from Samsung and HTC. The G4 Note phablet has been rumored several times before and is allegedly more powerful and larger than the G4 will be, although launch details have remained a mystery.”

It’s an interesting move by LG, which has gained more prominence in the market since working with Google on the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 handsets, and introducing the LG G2 and LG G3 phones. Previously the company has dabbled in the phablet space with the Optimus G Pro and G Pro 2, but these came at a time when it was still slow to bring such products to Western markets and its unusual squared screen meant it did not fare so well against rivals. Certainly phablets have generally come into more prominence since with Apple and Google getting in on the large-screen game. According to analysts LG also dropped previous phablet lines due to them “cannibalising” main flagship sales.

In some ways it appears LG is trying to mimic Samsung’s successful model by introducing the LG G4 in the first half of 2015 followed by an upgraded LG G4 Note around Q4; this is something that has worked well between Samsung’s Galaxy S flagship range and Galaxy Note phablets.

As of April 17, the LG G4 Note has been pictured once again with a leaked image appearing on FoneArena. The image is allegedly a press render of the handset. On its own the picture doesn’t really tell us much, but the source claims a 5.8in display with stylus, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 3,000mAh battery, and LG G4 style rear-mounted power and volume controls.


LG G4 Note To Feature Metal Build?

We’d previously  seen rumours and speculation that the LG G4 and/or the LG G4 Note could be getting a full metal build but there’s now a new snippet of information suggesting it may only be the bigger revamp receiving a metal shell.

The word comes via ZDNet’s inside sources, who allege that LG is looking to compete directly with premium-build handsets from Samsung (Galaxy S6), HTC (One M8), and Sony (Xperia Z3), as well as the iPhone, of course. It’s alleged that the LG G4 flagship will still keep the plastic bodywork of the LG G3 as it’s thought LG’s design shift decision has come too late in the development of that model – it may occur in future LG G flagships, however. But crucially the LG G4 Note is pegged to come in a class above the regular LG G4, meaning it may in fact enjoy this premium exterior build.

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