LG G Flex launching in November


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LG’s G Flex smartphone with a curved OLED display will be launched in November, reports from Korean media have reiterated.

Previous rumours suggested a launch next month, then LG announced its flexible technology and confirmed the screens would be implemented on a smartphone. Now ETNews reports hearing from its own local sources that a November announcement is on the cards.

“The company’s strategy is to gain both technological competitiveness and market leadership with its strategic products mounted with flexible display, which is emerging as a next-generation technology,” the newspaper said.

It’s believed that LG will launch the LG G Flex on all three of Korea’s major networks, which differs from Samsung’s launch of the curved OLED Galaxy Round as a limited availability device.

Also of note is that the ETNews article mentions that LG is releasing its next-generation smartphones in “domestic and international markets,” and while that doesn’t necessarily mean the LG G Flex will be launched globally (other devices are mentioned in the article, including a Firefox phone and the Nexus 5), it is possible LG will try to further one-up Samsung by releasing to a wider audience.

LG’s G Flex will differ from the Samsung Galaxy Round in its implementation of flexible OLED technology, the Galaxy Round’s screen curved from left-to-right, while the LG G Flex is similar to the older Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a larger 6-inch screen curving from top to bottom. Reports suggest this may be an attempt to emulate LG’s curved TV sets when the phone is held in a horizontal orientation for watching films.

Korean news sources indicate that “The industry’s response to LG Electronics’ curved display is also favorable (sic),” although this may be referring to the reception inside Korea, where such novelty devices are more readily welcomed.

In the wider, global tech industry, many are questioning the point of both Samsung and LG’s curved display handsets.

While many can see the potential of flexible OLED technology in the future for more inventive form-factors, there seems to be very little practical benefit from the curved OLED implementation on these two new handsets.

This leaves the feeling that LG and Samsung’s race to get the first curved display smartphone onto the market is little more than a localised marketing exercise for generating extra kudos with Korean consumers.

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