LG Confirms BIG THINGS For LG G6 Camera Department


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LG has been knocking out brilliant flagship phones for a good few years now. The LG G5 did not sell well, but do not let this fool you – the handset was brilliant, unique and had a great camera. One of the best of 2016, in fact.

True to form, LG is not resting on its laurels in 2016. The upcoming LG G6 will feature a raft of updates and improvements but perhaps the most important one is what LG has in store for the G6’s imaging department.

LG took to its official blog to detail its plans for the LG G6 camera. According to the post, the G6 will feature two 13MP sensors and one of them will house a 125 degree wide angle lens.

125 degree is almost the same as the field of vision we see with our eyes; LG says this will allow users to “capture the scene they see with their eyes without distorted edges”.

The G5 featured a dual-lens camera, was the first to market with it, in fact, and while that one was impressive, it’s nothing compared to what LG has in store with the LG G6’s dual-camera setup, as this time both sensors are the same resolution.

Also: the G6 will have a wide-angle lens on the front too for better selfies.

LG has even developed a new mode for the front-facing camera, which its calling SELFI.

SELFI features a range of filters that will allow for the “perfect selfie”. Another cool feature will be the ability to combine between 2 and 100 photos together to make a GIF.

Cho-Jun-ho, president of LG’s MC business said: “The LG G6 is equipped with a smartphone camera that goes from hardware to user experience,”

“We will continue to take advantage of LG’s premium smartphone’s distinctive strengths, We will continue to develop”.

LG has continued its admirable strategy of being more open with its fans than most OEMs ahead of its flagship launches, drip-feeding little teasers of what we can expect come launch day. Of course this has the added bonus for LG of whipping up a frenzy of hype and enthusiasm, but still, it’s something we wish more manufacturers did.

Anyway, today’s teaser video adds some further detail to the new camera features LG already tipped for the G6. Specifically, the LG G6’s “Square” capture mode which is designed specifically for photo apps such as Instagram to capture in the ideal “selfie” format. See the embedded footage below to show how it works!


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