How to sync files with your LG Optimus 7


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Syncing your LG Optimus 7 ensures that you always have your most up to date data on-board your device.

All you need is Zune and you’re away.

Follow these steps to sync all your multimedia on your LG Optimus 7:

To sync multimedia:

  • Open Zune software – click Collection
  • Click a category (Music, Videos, Pictures, or Podcasts)
  • Browse until you find the item you want, or type in what you’re looking for in the Search box
  • Drag the item you want to the phone icon in the lower-left corner of Zune

To change sync options:

  • In Zune software – click Settings > Phone > Sync Options
  • Click items you want to change

To sync pictures and videos from phone to PC

  • Use the USB cable that came with your phone and connect your phone to your PC
  • In Zune – Collection > Pictures > My Pictures
  • Click the album that matches the name of your phone

To set up wireless sync:

  • Grab that USB wire and connect your mobile to your PC
  • In Zune – Settings > Phone > Wireless Sync
  • Follow the on-screen instructions in the Zune software

Note that your mobile and PC must both be connected to your home Wi-Fi network, your mobile’s battery must be at least half-charged connected to an AC power adapter (wall charger), and you can’t really use your mobile during the wireless sync process- just 15 minutes or so!

To check storage space:

  • Using the USB cable, connect your mobile to your comp
  • In Zune – Phone > Summary
  • Go to the bottom of the Phone Summary screen and check the storage indicator on the right (ex- FREE 3.37 GB tells you you have 3.37 gigabytes of free space

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