Apple UNLEASHES New MacBook Pro Alongside LG-Made 5K Monitor & Final Cut Pro X


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Today Apple held what is likely to be its last product event of 2016. That’s good news for most, knowing that it’s going to be a while until Apple decides to update any of its other products–so you’re safe to buy now. However, it’s bad news for those who were hoping to see product upgrades that didn’t materialize (like a refreshed Mac Pro or Mac mini).

Unlike most of Apple’s other events in 2016, Apple’s “Hello Again” event today focused almost solely on its Mac lineup–or specifically MacBook Pros. However, there were also some small accessory and software unveils too. Here’s everything Apple unveiled at its October event.

New 13in And 15in MacBook Pros


The biggest announcement and focus at the event were new MacBook Pros. Apple’s pro laptops hadn’t seen a major design revamp since 2012–but the wait was worth it. Apple unveils both a new 13in and 15in MacBook Pro with the long-rumored Touch Bar that replaces the normal row of F-keys at the top of the keyboard. The Touch Bar in a touch sensitive sapphire crystal display that offers dynamic digital buttons based on the app you are using. For example, when using video editor Final Cut Pro, the Touch Bar displays shortcut buttons related to the tools in that app, but when using the spreadsheet app Numbers, the Touch Bar shows buttons relevant to spreadsheet apps. A new Apple T1 chip with a secure enclave for security purposes powers the Touch Bar.


The Touch Bar also features a built in Touch ID fingerprint sensor so users can log into their Mac with just the touch of their finger. This comes in extra handy since Apple has ported Apple Pay to the web–making web purchases much more secure since a biometric fingerprint is required for authentication.

The new 13in MacBook Pro weighs just 3lbs and is 14.9mm thick. The new 15in MacBook Pro weighs just 4lbs and is 15.5mm thick–that’s up to 17% thinner than past models. The machines also feature up to 130% faster graphics, 67% brighter displays, and a trackpad that is almost two times larger than the previous model. They also both now come in silver or space grey. Finally the laptops now come with four Thunderbolt 3/USC-C ports.

4K and 5K LG Displays Designed for New MacBook Pro


In a somewhat odd move, Apple didn’t put out a new display of its own. Instead it announced it teamed up with LG to make a new $K and 5K display that are designed to work specifically with the new MacBook Pros. The the 27in 5K LG UltraFine Display features a 5120 x 2880 resolution and the 21.5in 4K monitor features a resolution of 4096 x 2304. The displays connect via USB-C.

New Universal Guide “TV” App For The Apple TV


Apple also unveiled a new app for the Apple TV called “TV”. The TV app acts as a universal guide for all the content available to you. It consists of four screens: “Watch Now” shows the TV shows and movies you are currently watching or binging. “Up Next” shows you what’s up next in your queue. “Library” shows you all the movies and TV shows you’ve rented or purchased from iTunes. And “Store” shows you the latest releases of movies and TV shows.

New Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Software


Apple released a new version of its Final Cut Pro X video editing software with a revamped look and support for the MacBook Pro’s new Touch Bar.

New Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) To Thunderbolt 2 Adapter


Finally, the company unveiled yet another adapter. This time it’s the Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter. Thunderbolt 3, otherwise known as USB-C, is the port of choice Apple is transitioning to for most of its products. The new MacBook Pros feature up to four Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports and no old school USB 3.0 ports. So if you want to plug an existing older USB device into your new MacBook Pro, you’re going to need this adapter.

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