Wallace & Gromit Adventures released on mobile


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Studio X has brought us the latest mobile saga from the kings of claymation, Wallace and Gromit.

A puzzle platformer, Wallace & Gromit Adventures lets you play as the duo in fifteen levels of gadget-infused fun, collecting parts and making contraptions to reach new areas in each of the levels.

Contraptions include the pogo stick, which lets you leap to high ledges, and the telescopic boxing glove, which will bust through walls- as long as they’re not made of concrete, that is.

You control Wallace, while Gromit gives you a hand whenever you get to a gadget-building hot spot. You’ll generally have a choice of gadget to build too, meaning Wallace & Gromit requires a bit of brain power too.

Split over three different chapters, Wallace & Gromit lets you experience several environments from the duo’s universe that should bring a smile to any fan’s face. Plus, of course, the game’s script is delivered in certified Wallace lingo.

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