Using TV-out on the Nokia 6500 Slide


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The Nokia 6500 Slide’s TV-out port lets you display your phone’s output – photos, video clips or the operating system itself – on a big screen.

The connection cable is included with the phone. The 2.5mm jack plugs into the headphone socket at the top edge of the phone, with the three audio pins slotting into the indentically coloured sockets on your TV (white and red for audio, yellow for video).

  • Now you’ll need to activate TV out on your Nokia 6500 Slide. To do this:
  • From standby mode, click Menu, highlight Settings and click Select
  • Highlight Enhancements and click Select
  • Now highlight TV cable and click Select

Before activating TV out, check that the correct TV standard is selected. In the UK and in most of Europe (though not France), Australasia and Asia this is PAL, while in the US and Canada, it’s NTSC. To check the setting, highlight TV standard and click Select. Highlight either PAL or NTSC according to your location and click Select.

To activate TV-out, highlight Activate TV-out and click Select

If your phone’s screen doesn’t appear on your TV immediately, you’ll need to find the correct AV channel on your TV. This varies according to manufacturer so check your manual on how to switch AV channels.

You’ll know when you’ve found the correct AV channel because the display of your 6500 Slide will be replicated on the screen. This will apply to every function of the phone, apart from when you’re displaying images or playing video clips through the gallery.

Displaying photos
When displaying photos, you’ll see the message ‘Content is shown on TV’ on the screen, and the selected photo will be displayed on the TV screen. Use the up and down nav keys to scroll between images.

Alternatively, you can run a slideshow of all your images. Simply open the relevant folder, highlight the image you want to begin with, click Options, highlight Open in sequence and click Select.

Click Stop to end the slideshow at any time.

Playing video clips
To play a video clip with the TV-out cable attached, simply locate the clip in your Video clips folder and press Open. The Music player console will appear on your phone screen, but instead of appearing in the central window, the clip will play on the TV screen. Use the navigation keys on the phone to navigate between clips, play and pause, and increase or decrease volume using the rocker on the right-hand side of the 6500 Slide (remembering to turn the volume on the TV up as well).

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