Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 revealed


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Photographs of the successor to the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, the aptly named X2, have appeared on the internet

We first heard the mention of the X2 when Skyhook CEO Ted Morgan name-dropped it back in April but these are the first images purporting to be the device.

The leak comes courtesy of an “anonymous tipster” over at Engadgetmobile.com.

If it is the next in the Xperia smartphone series, it looks like Sony Ericsson will once again use Windows Mobile judging by a Windows Start key on the keyboard.

The Xperia X2, codename Vulcan, will almost certainly see a bump in the megapixel department up from the current 3.2 and seemingly will retain the same arc-slider form factor that nestles a full-Qwerty away underneath. In fact, if anything the X2 looks a little too similar to the X1.

There’s no official word of the device just yet but with the X1, the announcement came several months ahead of launch day, which after a delay fell in October last year, if Sony Ericsson keep to this annual release schedule, we should be hearing about the X2 officially any day now.

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